Thursday, December 20, 2012



There was a time, BC, (before crafting) when I would have had to buy the most expensive designer case for my tablet.  But that was then and this is now, AD, (after de-programming) and my outlook is very different.  You see, I figured out how many rolls of Scor-tape I could purchase for the $54.00 they wanted for the fancy, Schmancy case and I said, "not in this life.  Hey, I could complete my G45 Ladies Diary Paper Collection."
So, thank you, Laura Denison, paper crafter extraordinaire.  She has a tutorial that shows you how to construct your own case.   I love it!
P.S.  I am making three more (two as gifts (they will be done before X-mas) and one for me using G45 Ladies Diary!  One is going to have a faux metal cover...should be interesting!

Have a look!
Pink Paislee "Daily Junque Paper Collection"
The wood cut letters are Pink Paislee  "Saw Dust"
"This Way Arrow and Explore"  Pink Paislee "Nantucket"
See the fabulous self-stand!  So Cool!!
This is how it attaches in the back!  I used the borders from the papers to incorporate the Daily Junque name into my embellishments!
The stylus holder was not in the Laura Denison Design, however, anything that looks like a pen is destined to get lost five minutes after coming into my possession, so I NEEDED this!  :D)
When using this on my drafting table (in the vertical position) I use the metal stand as shown in photograph #1.  You can also watch my video in the video bar! Thanks for stopping by! Hugz, Chana