Monday, September 8, 2014

Clorox Toilet Wand Refill Box Recovery

Hello, Crafty Peeples,

This is a quick little post about a fun project I just completed.

A VERY Short Story:
I love these wands, but I have four bathrooms and I refused to purchase one of the base units for each bath.  I buy my refills at Sam's and the refills come with one new handle.  While I was in the hospital,  hubby, not knowing where the refills were, purchased this single refill box (UGHHHHHH!) 

Anymahoo, he stuck it in the small guest bathroom with one of the extra handles.  I saw that and thought, when my hair stops falling out, and I am no longer throwing up, I am going to recover that box.  It took four months but.......
I deconstructed the box, painted it with GESSO, then a layer of White Acrylic paint on both sides.
I allowed it to dry over night. One more layer of White Acrylic (MS)Paint on the front. 
After the white paint dried, I added a coat of MS Sweet Pea Satin (which is like egg shell).
Next, a coat of MS Pearl - Pink Taffeta Acrylic.  
I applied my stencil and used a dauber and Tim Holtz, Pickled Raspberry DI. 
 On the inside, I applied printed paper and ran a strip of that across the top cover all edges.
Covered the entire project with CLEAR SHELF LINER (this is for waterproofing) and for looks!
Put the whole thing back together with a MESS of Scor-tape!

No more heartburn for me when I go into this bathroom!  I think that ugly blue box did more to speed up my recovery than the 12 pills I have to swallow every morning.

I made a template so now, I am working on a box for the water closet in our Master Bath.  There's nothing in there but the toilet and it is a good sized room, so I am looking at this gigantic box UPS just delivered to my neighbor's house.. never know, I still have some hair left!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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