Monday, June 1, 2015

Garden Wall Canvas - Earth Safe Finishes™

Hello, Crafty Peeps!

This is my inaugural post as a Design Team Member for Earth Safe Finishes!
I am delighted to represent this GREEN product!  I have an auto-immune disease and choosing products that not only protect the environment but also protect me from chemicals/additives that may further compromise my health, has become a mission for  my family.  All ESF products are VOC free!

Finnabair - Ancient Garden Wall - A Chalk on Canvas Creation

One of my favorite places in Philadelpia was a small park along the Banks of the Schuykill River.   There, you could find a series of small cubbies in the style of the old Roman (maybe Greek) Gardens.  I would go there to write poetry, to read and to daydream.  Mostly, I went there because it was beautiful and  I loved the aged patina on the statues and the walls.  This is my attempt to capture the essence of those walls on canvas

A complete description of the project and a brief tutorial can be found at: 
ESF Blog