Monday, September 7, 2020

A Place To Start - Create A Children's Card - September 2020 Challenge

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This month, we are interested in seeing the kinds of cards you would create for children!
In this case, a child is anyone from 0-18 years old so you do not have to limit yourself to "cute" kiddie creations.

Unexpected Friendships
If only we could get the entire world to believe this!  When my kids were growing up, the one phrase they were not allowed to use was, "because it has always been like this!"  We wanted them to learn that while there are many things in life that don't need improvement, most things in life can benefit from a slight tweaking every now and then.  As a result, they grew up learning to enjoy a diverse array of music, dance, literature, sports, and most especially, people.  

For two years, my grandson attended a private international school and we were amazed by his knowledge and acceptance of other cultures!  This past year, he attended a private homeschool academy located in a super-wealthy community!  I was terrified that he would be bullied not only because of his skin color but also because although he is from an upper-middle-class home,  you could put ten of my daughter's home into one of the homes of some of his classmates.  It took exactly one week for this child to develop friendships that have continued to this day.  Because my daughter chose to not have him return to a brick and mortar environment, he is back to full-time homeschooling in a Cyber Academy, however, he and his friends have "bullied" their parents into allowing them to have a "fully masked, socially distanced" Art Meet Up!  The thing that convinced my daughter was a comment from one of his former classmates, "Please, Mrs. Brooks!  It simply would not make sense to do this if Joshua cannot be there...we miss him!"   I really believe the next two generations will teach us old fogeys quite a bit about friendship and inclusion! 

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