Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Place To Start - Challenge # 9 - Alter a Food Container

Hello, Crafty Peeps,
Today I am sharing a project I created as a member of 
  DECOART'® Blogger Outreach Program.

I used this project as my Inspiration post for
The Challenge is: 
  Alter a Quaker Oats Box or Some Other Food Container.  
Lighting the Shabbos Candles was my first Mitzvot observance.  
I created this project to hold the tea light candles that I use to welcome the Shabbos Angel.

When a Jewish woman lights her candles and welcomes Shabbos into her home, she ignites the spiritual light that will guide her family, not only through Shabbos, but also through the ensuing week.

The silhouette represents the Jewish woman who safeguards the spiritual integrity of her family.
The clock represents Ecclesiastes 3:1 "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."
The matchbox fulfills the Mitzvos to use beautiful things to honor HaShem and the beauty of the Shabbos Commandment given to the Jewish people.

Cover both the box and lid with your base paint coat.  If you are using DecoArt® Chalky Finish™ Paint, or other chalk paints, you will not need a primer (gesso, etc.)
I applied a coat of wax
I painted 1/3 of the inside and sealed the interior with Decou-Page™.
To create the gold stripe, I located the natural seam on the box and framed it with painter's tape and applied Americana® Metallic Rich Expresso.  If you plan to use this idea, you must do this step after your base coat has dried and before you add the wax.
I placed the Decou-Page® Sheets inside, covered with parchment paper and pressed the papers with a hot iron.  This warms up the Decoupage sealer.  Another coat of Decou-Page™ Sealant was applied.
I used my craft iron and my quilting iron to reach all the areas of the interior.
I used screws to attach the plastic lid from a cashew nut can to the bottom of my canister.
Three large plastic beverage caps were placed inside to cover the screws.  The caps were covered with this circle of corrugated cardboard.  This step is not necessary if you are not adding a base to your project.  I wanted my project framed in black, so the bottom was needed,
I pulled my embellishments and applied varnish to the non metal pieces. 
I created the handle using 3 game pieces and 1 Trinket
Idea-ology Game Pieces
Prima Vintage Trinkets

Additional pieces I  plan to add to my ensemble

The Hubster designed this cover for our Chupa Benchers we gave as gifts to our guests.
The date on the cover is the date of our Jewish wedding.  We have been married for 46 years.
I want to update this to match my Candle Storage Box.
These candlesticks are another great fine by "the Hubster" at our local Goodwill Stores.
The Hubster in in 5th Heaven because they just opened a new store very near us and on the way to my daughter's house.  When he disappears for hours I know where he has gone.  His new venture is finding DVD versions of all our old VHS movies and any films we liked, but did not own, and loading them digitally onto our NAS (Server).  This is really cool, even though we have all the streaming services and we are Amazon Prime members, I really love how he has the NAS setup.

Thanks for stopping by!  I would love to see your Food Container Creations.
  You can enter them into the challenge at 

Hugz, Chana
American Decor® - Chalky Finish™ Vintage, Americana® Metallic - Rich Expresso, and
Ebony Acrylic , Decou-Page™ Sealant and Americana® DuraClean™ Matte Varnish
The Decou-page sheets are from the Victorian Romance Set