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Shopping Our Stash #513 - Once Upon A Time: The Prince And The Dragon

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The Prince and The Dragon
A Serbian Fairy Tale
I chose this rather dark fairy tale because I wanted to use my silhouette fantasy stamps.  The story is very graphic and would give most children nightmares.  I can only assume this story was intended as an adult fantasy!

I had such fun creating this scene.  The primary item I shopped from my stash was the Prima Flowers Stencil I used to make my walkway.  I have had this stencil since 2015, and this was only the second time I used it.  Most of the stamps used are also more than a year old.

 "The Dragon and The Prince" from The Crimson Fairy Book

Tale Summary

Once upon a time, there were three princes, sons of the emperor, who all loved hunting.  In quick succession, the first and then the second son both tried to hunt a hare that lured them to a mill, where it turned into a dragon and ate them both.  The third and youngest son then searched for his brothers.  He resisted hunting the hare and asked an old woman in chains at the mill to help him discover the dragon's weakness.  She tricks the dragon into revealing that it lives in a lake in a faraway kingdom and that its power lay inside of the dragon's body, which also contained that of a boar, a hare, a pigeon, and a sparrow.  The prince traveled to the kingdom, became the emperor's shepherd, and took the flock to graze by the lake without allowing the dragon to eat the sheep, as had happened before.  After two encounters with the dragon, the prince fought the dragon for a third time, and after the princess kissed him on the forehead, he tossed the dragon into the sky.  Falling to the ground, the dragon smashed into pieces, becoming different animals.  The prince first used his dogs to catch the boar and the hare inside the boar and then used his hawk to catch the pigeon.  Inside the pigeon, he found the sparrow.  He spared the sparrow's life in exchange for information on where he could find his brothers.  He marries the emperor's daughter and frees a village's people, including his brothers, from the dragon's cellar in the mill.

I found the dragon image online!  I had to downsize and fussy cut, but he is perfect for this environment!  Since I didn't have an image of a prince and could not find one that fit the story, I decided to focus on the Dragon and the Hare.  I included the birds to represent the Sparrow.

I kept the inside simple!

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Chana Malkah

Stuff I Used:

BANLTRE 12"x12" Mylar Sheets