Sunday, June 28, 2020

2020 Stash Party #29 - Gold and White Embossed Sympathy Card

Hello, Crafty Makers!
Whew!  I have completed four of the five sympathy cards that I need for my SIL's order.  I actually made this card first but I have held off on it because I questioned my taste level with this one.  I like the card.  The gold embossing is pretty and the Irises are perfect still I wondered if the gold was a bit much.  In the end, I decided to include it and if she doesn't like it, I will create another card to replace it!
"Jeweled Gold"
Once again, I used my mini clinging vine stencil for the background.  I did not iron off the gold embossing powder for this project, instead, I went with the standard heat embossing.
I wanted you all to see the different colors that are in this embossing powder. The mfg. calls it Jeweled Gold. Unfortunately, the company that made this product is no longer in business and I have not found a comparable gold EP with which to replace it.  The great thing about EP is that one container lasts for years. I have had this EP since 1999.  If you overheat embossing powder, you can literally brush it off your project and reveal a softer color underneath (the concept behind the iron resist technique.) On this project, I intentionally overheated some areas and then brushed away the powder. The depth and texture it adds to the card are amazing.
My daughter gifted me this Iris Stamp and Die Set and it has become one of my favorites.  I have used it to create vellum flowers, I have stamped it on acetate and I have even cropped off the stems and simply used the blooms.  For this iteration, I use three layers of die-cut and one layer of die-cut fun foam to add dimension and increase the visual interest.  I also wanted to create a little distance between the Irises and the white leaves beneath it!