Thursday, December 15, 2022


Hello, Crafty Makers!
I am delighted to share another card created using Cardi-o Stamps!   I absolutely love these silhouette stamps.  Each collection includes a number of awesome stamps that can be used to create gorgeous scenes.  I have been having so much fun!
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Before I discovered Cardi-o Stamps and Laura Wenn's fabulous YouTube tutorials, I was very reluctant to try creating card scenes! My past attempts had ended in disaster, and I vowed to never try again. But then I found Laura's channel, and I changed my mind!
This card is one of my favorites!  The hubster pointed out that my church and trees should have been on the hill, and my large house should have been more in the foreground.  But he said, this was a great card and that I had shown tremendous growth in this area of my crafting!  He is my best critic and greatest fan!
I was even pleased with how I was able to add snow to the tree branches that frame the image.  These are things with which I struggled in the past.  I am a long way from being great at this, but each day it seems to get better!
My Review of Card-io Stamps
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