Monday, July 22, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Recently, on one of my challenge teams, the discovery was made that an individual was entering the work of other designers as her own.  Not only had she done this to us, but she had entered several other challenges and won.  I don't like to ascribe motives to people, but I wondered if she did this because she felt her own work was inferior.

I have made cards that I just looked at and said, "seriously, Chana, I mean really?" and they either went into the "too ugly to post, but I need the embellishments" pile or, straight into the trash.  So,  I started thinking, "do I have the guts to post a card that I don't like and that is not my usual style?"  Well, I just made the design team at Shopping Our Stash and my first challenge theme was "create a card using something weird you purchased for crafting, but never used."

Here is my card!
 Okay, so here goes:  I purchased these awful flowers at the Dollar Tree.  There were 100 in a bag for $1.00.  Somehow, I convinced myself that I would use them to make little gifts for my grandson's class.  Never, ever, happened.  Once I go them home and had come down from my "shopping induced high," I looked at these puppies and decided that they were just tacky!  I am sure that some other designer could take these flowers and create a fabulous card.  Unfortunately, I am not that designer.

 My other purchase faux pas was cupcake papers.  I purchased these bad boys in every design imaginable (I was going to use them to make flowers) and I have used maybe four.  They make wonderful oriental umbrellas, though.

I really was at a loss as to how I would use both of these on one card.  I really think the flowers would have been okay if I had used smaller brads or something, but really, under other circumstances, I would have never posted this project.  But the challenges states that it has to be something we never used and after coming up with this card...I think you now know WHY I NEVER used these items.

Here is another card I created for a challenge recently that I just didn't like.  My teammates were very nice about it.  This was for my Greetings Team Challenge at the Outlawz.  We needed to incorporate a cookie in our design.  I don't do cutesy stuff very well...but it is something I need to incorporate into my skill set.  These projects have me on the road.

 I guess my point in all of this is simply, I don't understand how someone would rather steal than show their own work.  I am extremely proud of all my cards... The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

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