Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Shopping Our Stash #439 - It's All About Family : Daddy and His Girls

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Daddy and His Girls
This wonderful image is by artist Robert Jackson. It reminds me of Sunday walks with my father through Fairmount Park.  On Easter Sunday, the park was the place for Philadelphia's "Easter Parade." I so looked forward to getting dressed up and strolling through the park with all the people who were there to show off their fancy Easter attire!  

My mother, like most of the women of that era, would wear her newest mink or fox stole and her fancy hat worn "cocked" slightly to the left or right depending on the fashion trend that year.  And, of course, all the ladies and little girls wore the most beautiful gloves.  

The men wore their best suits, fabulous wool overcoats, and fancy black leather gloves. Their shoes would be polished to a mirror finish.  Back then, it was a social faux pas for a man to appear in public hatless, so the men too wore their best Fedora or Trilby.  It was a time of elegance and glamour. 

I know everything looks better in hindsight, but when I look through old family pictures, I still see the beauty, grace, and elegance that existed then.  Or maybe I am just impressed with the fact that there seemed to be enough fabric to make a complete dress or pair of pants! 😉😉😉

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Chana Malkah