Sunday, January 31, 2021

2021 Stash Bash #1- Graphic 45: A Ladies's Diary

 Hello, Crafty Peoples!

This year I plan to continue my self-imposed challenges!  The first challenge is to refrain from making craft purchases.  I gave myself until today, January 31, 2021, to purchase any stamps/dies that allow me to explore new crafting techniques.  So I hope to order a couple of Tracy Evans stamps and stencils.  I have ordered enough white cardstock to take me through the year.  I think I am good to go.

My second challenge is to use any items in my stash that have not been used previously.  My ENORMOUS stash of Graphic 45 products is #1 on that list.   Back in the day when I used to make boxes and stationery kits, I was very enamored with G45 papers, dolls, and stamps.  But my interest waned because the company does not sell products that speak to me as an African American crafter.  So, while I was able to use their beautiful papers, the stamps and dolls were practically useless to me.  This year, before I sell them or give them away, I think I will try to craft with some of them.

A Ladies' Diary
This Collection is among my favorites.  
I have used it in the past to create the stationery pieces below!

The image on this stitched diary is by Rick St. Dennis

I hope all of you are having success with your resolutions for 2021.  
For me, so far, so good!

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Chana Malkah