Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pillow Box - Artistic Inspirations

Hello, Cardies,

 This Pillow Box tutorial was posted at PaperCraft Planet by Lyn Bernatovich.   This is just another wonderful example of what you can do with Toilet Paper rolls.  So start saving them up!

I also hope you will join me over at Artistic Inspirations.  I have just been selected to join their design team, along with several really talented designers.  We are going to have a blast and I hope you will join in the fun

Digital Image " Garden Clock"  by Stamping Dragon Designs
 I did not want the rustic look of the Toilet Paper Roll, so I covered my TP roll with Duck Tape and ran it through my Sizzix using my Clockworks Embossing Folder.  I then colored the image and attached it to the front.

Duck Tape makes the cardboard less pliable, so I added holders on each end to keep the box closed.
The little pillow boxes will make great stocking stuffers or you could give them as hostess gifts at your next dinner party.

I hope you  will stop by Artistic Inspirations and check out the beautiful work of my fellow teammates!

This project is being entered into the following challenges:
Catch The Bug Challenge - Anything Goes
Simon Says Stamps - Anything Goes
Emergency Crafters
Stampavie - Anything But (not) Square  (They are having a DT Call)
Fat Pages and Cards - Anything Goes  (They are having a DT Call)


I know a very sweet lady whose name is Patti.  Patti and I used to chat about our grandkids and visit each other's blogs and that was before we both got busy with design team duties.  Patti recently sent me this sunshine award and she said something that made me get misty-eyed, she said that even though we are now on the same design team, she doesn't have that much interaction with me...not as much as she had hoped.
Well, I am going to have to change that.  I have been very busy, but that is no reason to lose contact with people you really like.  I am working on time management.  Since I retired, time seems to get away from me.  Anyway, Thanks, Patti, for slapping some sense into me.  I will be more present, I promise.  Thanks, Patti!  I really appreciate the kind thoughts and words!
Please visit Patti's blog, Scrap Close To The Heart.  Her work is outstanding!

Here are the rules:

1. Include award logo in blog post.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link back to them.
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself, that you have made up yourself. (I might have to pinch a few!)
4. Nominate 10-12 bloggers and contact them at their blog site to inform them.

ohhhh so now 10 questions about me!  That's not easy

  1. What are the type of activity that you do if you are not crafting?  Singing,  playing time management games, reading, listening to Old School Music.
  2. What type of books do you like to read?  I love murder mysteries.  My favorite mystery author was Agatha Christie.  Her plots were sometimes so rediculous, but she created the most interesting characters.  She was an observer of life and had lots of insight into human nature.
  3. What do you enjoy most about card crafting?  I enjoy the process of creating.  I am a slower designer.  Sometimes I will have three or four unfinished projects on my drafting table.  I am always looking for the perfect embellishment, the perfect sentiment.  I look at card making as though I were a chef trying to prepare the perfect menu:  appetizer, entree, and dessert.  Each course has to be an entity unto itself and yet it must relate to course before it and after it and all the elements within each course (wine, bread, cheese, etc.) must be tied together as a cohesive, well thought out meal.   Design is like that for me.  I can't just put a flower on a card because it is the right color or because it fits in a space I am trying to fill.  The process is maddening and frustrating and fun and wonderful and I love it.
  4. What are you looking forward to most, right now?  I am looking forward to retirement.  My husband retired 12 years ago.  We operated a business together for for seven years and we are thinking about opening a Craft Room after I retire.  It would not be a Stamp Store, more like a place for crafters to have classes and swaps and crops...stuff like that.  For the very first time in my career, I actually don't really like going to work anymore.  I have to talk myself into getting up and getting out, and once I get to work, I sometimes struggle to stay focused and to really care about what is going on.  I find myself thinking about card making and how many projects I could have completed (Ha!) if only I were not stuck in clinic.   I am also eagerly looking forward to the birth of my sixth grandchild.  That should happen in January.  So I am stoked!
  5. Who is your favorite "Old School Artist?" This is impossible to answer.  I think I put it here because I get asked that a lot.  I grew up during a time when artists actually had to be able to "sing" in order to get a recording contract!  How does one choose between artist like: Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Tammy Terrell?  Which Group?  The Supremes, The Temptation, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Gladys Knight and The Pips, The Imperials?  Gene Chandler, Nancy Wilson, Jerry Butler, Sam Cook, Lou Rawls....See what I mean.  I haven't even talked about Ray Charles, MICHAEL JACKSON.  I'll shut up now!
  6. What is your favorite color to use in card design?  White.
  7. What is your favorite style of design?  Clean and Simple.  Why? It requires the most thought and is truly a "process."
  8. What is your least favorite style?  Pile it on!   I can't do it.  I have not mastered the process.  When I try to pile it on, it just looks like I piled a bunch of stuff on a card and it is butt ugly!  I really admire designers who have conquered this style.  It looks so gorgeous!
  9. Do you watch TV? Not much.  I watch Scandal (I need prayer) and I watch Atlanta Falcons' Football.  I like the Food Network.  Shows like Chopped and Cup Cake Wars.  Anything where people are creating.  I usually watch Star Trek (Original series) Stargate: SG1, Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek DS9, 24 and Steven Spielberg's Taken on CD in my studio while I'm working.
  10. What is your ultimate goal for your crafting?  I think I would like to keep working on technique, skills, creativity, design aesthetic until I feel confident in applying for one of the Major Manufacturer's Design Team.  That will take years, but, in the meantime, I am working on making videos, step tutorials, and becoming Copic certified.  What I don't want is to have my hobby become another job.

I really hope that the people that I choose will accept this award.
Colleen - She is awesome.  DT spots at the Outlawz are invitation only.  No applying.  I was just shocked that she choose me.  Her work is stunning!
Carla - Such a nice lady and her work is da bomb!
Joyce - Joyce is a wonderful designer.  But I want her to have this award because the name of the award epitomizes who she is.  She always makes me smile...Naw, she cracks me up.
Kathi - Super talented lady and a super duper positive force.  Kathi takes everything in stride.  Her calm nature is reflected in her work.  It has a wonderful calming effect!  Wonderful team player and a very proactive rather than reactive person.  So nice to be on a team with her.
Roxann - Because she is talented, fun (well as much fun as a creative stalker can be (LOL) rides a Harley and lives in Georgia, like me! (Wait, I don't ride a Harley!)
Trina - She is young and gifted and she encouraged me to start applying for DTs.  She is also a very talented digi artist!
Jen - This woman has made skills.  Not just card crafting, but costuming and lot of other Artsy Craftsy things.  She is also a wonderful team player and sooo very helpful.
Jo Ann - Just an amazing designer and a very sweet soul!  I always enjoy meeting people who actually live the walk!
Pryn and Sandi -Because they are fabulous designers and the title of this award describes them to a tee!  Two magnificent rays of SUNSHINE!