Wednesday, March 6, 2024


 Hello, Crafty Mates!


I'm back for another trip through WOYWW land. I couldn't participate last week because I was too deep in the weeds. I still am, but I thought that this week I would just share the weeds!

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The Mess That Is My Desk (Studio!)
This is the least cluttered area in my studio right now.

My week got off to a fairly normal start!  Sunday is the first day of my week, so I was busy putting the final touches on my personal blog and double-checking my challenge blog!  I had managed to write up four product reviews and even finish two loads of laundry!  And then it happened, the doorbell rang and it was a delivery from Amazon!  A new promotional product to review!

The Hubster got busy putting the cart together, and I began contemplating where I would put it in my studio. I have been putting off decluttering, and this seemed like the ideal time to get started. I could kill two birds with one stone: Clean my studio now and not have to worry about it too much during my preparations for Passover. Then the Amazon driver came back!
Unfortunately, my decluttering and reorganizing resulted in my studio being  covered in "precious junk!"  So I had to pile the new products on my cart.  Then, to my dismay, I discovered that the four review videos I completed were done without SOUND!  I spent the rest of Sunday and all of Monday and Tuesday doing voice-overs for those reviews and creating review videos for the new products!
This is what my studio looks like tonight!
There has been little change here. Two new products for review. The MP3 player is so cool! The Hubster has staked a claim to that. The blue box is a really nice goal-setting system.
This is my side desk.  Three products are buried in the mess!

Well, this corner is not so bad!  At least when I get around to it, I will be able to put some of the vinyl rolls in the vinyl section of the cart!

I think I will be organizing for a long time!
I tried to find a poem that adequately expressed how I feel tonight!

Chemical Lament
                       by Betty Birostack (1949)
All term he struggled through the course-
He was a nervous wreck.
He'd acid burns upon his nose and boils upon his neck.

His hair was turning blue and green,
(From litmus tests, you see.)
His eyes were shot with lurid streaks
of BLO2D.

But when at last exam time came,
He knew he was prepared.
The test for him would be a cinch-
No reason to be scared.

He knew the allotropic forms
Of alcohol and gas.
And he could take the atom count
In any drinking glass.

He knew how many molecules
Were present in the air.
And who discovered solium
And why, and when, and where.

But when the tests were handed out,
He died from shock or woe.
The fatal query put to him
Was_What is H2O?

*Solium is a hypothetical element with the atomic number A3 and the symbol Sol. Sol.

Be Well!  
Peace, Out!