Wednesday, February 24, 2021

WOYWW #612 - Faux Leather Notebook/Journal Pages

Hello, Crafty Makers!
It is time for another round of blog visits for
What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!
 Want to know more about this wonderful weekly blog hop? 
My desk is super clean this week.  I am starting a new project using an old CD.  My colors are too muddy, so I am going to add another coat of Gesso and try again.  I am trying (and mostly failing) to complete a voice-over for my video about my Faux Leather Notebook.
I love my D-I-Y mat.  I taped together six (6"x8") Dollar Tree® cutting mats.   I have a mat that is 12"x24",  folds up, and only cost my hubby $6.00.

I was planning this card last week.  It is only fair to share the final outcome.
Faux Leather Notebook

I created this faux leather notebook in 2015. I never did anything with the blank signatures until now. I don't know much about creative journaling. I have been reading up and looking at samples. This is the first time I've tried it. My pages are not the typical "artistic" journal pages, but they are "ME!"

Age speaks wisdom and age speaks the truth,
and the seasoned tongues are keen,
but give me the honeyed lies of youth
and keep my wisdom green.

Fire may burn and the burning may teach
the moth what candles are,
but let me grasp what is out of reach
and die en route to a star!

Chana Malkah

Saturday, February 20, 2021

2021 STASH BASH #5 - Rainbow Sprinkle Fairy Card

 Hello, Crafty Peoples!

Today I share a project that had been floating around in my head for a few days!   When I pull out an unused stamp, my main fear is that my design will not be interesting.   

This stamp set was purchased over eight years ago. I do not color well.  Most of my "image" stamps are left to languish in my stash.  I have hundreds, maybe thousands if I count all my Itty Bitty™ Unity Stamps that have yet to be inked!

Rainbow Sprinkle
I created this card for "Turner Syndrome Awareness" Month
On The Inside
The rainbows were cut from a sticker pad. They are gold trimmed, but that did not photograph well 

A Little Bit of the Process
The project began as a simple ink blending practice sheet, and although this sheet had a few muddy areas, it worked!
I stamped the background images onto a blank piece of cardstock before stamping them onto my card face panel. 

I used alcohol brush markers to add color to some of the stamped images.  I also added an outline around the butterfly image. I colored it and painted it with a thin coat of glitter glue.  
In this close-up shot, you can see the "ghost" stamping.   I stamped the sentiment and used my craft knife to cut it into single words. The yellow and green circles were made using a bottle cap.

I wanted to create a bit of a 3D look, so I added a third mushroom to the focal grouping. 
I glued the third mushroom down and added foam tape to the center back of the main image.  I also added foam tape to the center of the two smaller mushrooms.  I glued the edges of the grass and the small mushrooms.  The effect is awesome!

Thanks For Stopping By!
Chana Malkah

 Stuff I Used:
Stamps: JustRite® Cling Stamp - "Fairy Garden Wishes"

Prima Marketing:  Engraver

Glitter Glue:  Dollar Tree
Open Star Charm:  Stash

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #611


Hello, All!
I am so happy to be able to post this Wednesday.  Life has thrown a few curves but isn't that what makes it fun?  For those of you who are not familiar with WOYWW, please check out this "never-ending blog hop at Stamping Ground.
I was very sorry to hear that a long-time WOYWW member, Shaz Silverwolf,  succumbed to cancer last weekend.  My condolences to those who knew her well and shared so many WOYWW memories with her over the past ten years. May G-d comfort each and every one of you.
Each week, I try to plan my crafting projects.  I gather all the components that I plan to use and I complete my Project Planner sheet.  I want to use this background sheet to create a fairy-themed card.
I am still working on using "never touched" stamps, dies, etc., in my stash.  I have had these Just Right® stamps for twelve or thirteen years.  They are not fancy or trending but I think I will be inspired in so many ways once I put ink to stamp and stamp to paper.
Of course, I have to use my stickers to decorate my planning pages.  I don't put much on these project planners.  Normally, by the time I have the project all planned out, I have written all over the page.  Perhaps, by next Wednesday, this project will be completed.
~   ~   ~   ~   ~
Given the foolishness that continues here in America, particularly in my home state of Georgia, regarding our election laws, I often find myself struggling to avoid becoming a flat-out cynic!  So I offer up one of my favorite poems.
Chemical Lament
(Sorry, I don't remember the name of the author)

All term he struggled through the course,
he was a nervous wreck.
He'd acid burns upon his nose,
and boils upon his neck.

His hair was turning blue and green,
from litmus tests, you see.
His eyes were shot 
with lurid streaks of blo2d.

But when at last exam time came,
He knew he was prepared.
The test for him would be a cinch,
No reason to be scared.

He knew the allotrophic forms
of alcohol and gas.
And he could take the atom count
in any drinking glass.

He knew how many molecules
were present in the air,
and who discovered Strontium
and how and when, and where.

But when the tests were handed out,
he died, from shock or woe,
The fatal query put to him was
What is H20?

Thanks for stopping by!
Chana Malkah

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Shopping Our Stash #439 - It's All About Family : Daddy and His Girls

Welcome to our fortnightly challenge at 
The team has interpreted the "family" theme in different ways, and we can't wait to see your creations!
I am entering this project into the 
Turner Syndrome Awareness Month Challenge
Daddy and His Girls
This wonderful image is by artist Robert Jackson. It reminds me of Sunday walks with my father through Fairmount Park.  On Easter Sunday, the park was the place for Philadelphia's "Easter Parade." I so looked forward to getting dressed up and strolling through the park with all the people who were there to show off their fancy Easter attire!  

My mother, like most of the women of that era, would wear her newest mink or fox stole and her fancy hat worn "cocked" slightly to the left or right depending on the fashion trend that year.  And, of course, all the ladies and little girls wore the most beautiful gloves.  

The men wore their best suits, fabulous wool overcoats, and fancy black leather gloves. Their shoes would be polished to a mirror finish.  Back then, it was a social faux pas for a man to appear in public hatless, so the men too wore their best Fedora or Trilby.  It was a time of elegance and glamour. 

I know everything looks better in hindsight, but when I look through old family pictures, I still see the beauty, grace, and elegance that existed then.  Or maybe I am just impressed with the fact that there seemed to be enough fabric to make a complete dress or pair of pants! 😉😉😉

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to seeing your project in our challenge at Shopping Our Stash!

Chana Malkah


Thursday, February 11, 2021

2021 Stash Bash #4 - Valentine Card #1

 Hello, Crafty Peeps!
I am continuing my self-challenge of using items in my stash that have never been touched!  Honestly, when I found the image that I used on this card, I was looking for a background stamp!  
When I first started creating cards, I used mostly wallpaper and computer-generated images and sentiments.  I didn't do a lot of stamping because I do not color well.  I am also not inclined to spend hundreds of dollars in an attempt to learn how to color well.  It just isn't that deep for me.  In spite of this handicap, I purchased a lot of JustRight® Stamps because their images were so friggin' cute.  The "Adorable Dragon" set has been in my stash, untouched for over 10 years.
I created my background using Distress Oxide Inks, a couple of stencils, and a stamp set that arrived in the mail while I was working on the project!  The large "Primitive Heart™" was leftover from a previous project and the small heart is from the "Adorable Dragon" stamp set.
I added the dragon footprint to the inside of the card because the ones that I stamped on my background panel were covered up by the image.  The Hubster came into my studio while I was working and said, "Wow, that is a fat dragon."  I promise you that man is flirting with banishment! 

I was definitely pleased with the way this project turned out!  I like the composition and I like the colors.  It is simple, but I think it works!
Thanks so much for visiting!
Chana Malkah
Stuff I Used:
JustRite Stamps: Adorable Dragon

Monday, February 8, 2021

A Place To Start - February Challenge - Sketch Challenge "Slay All Day"

 Hello, Crafty Makers!

Welcome to our monthly challenge at

A Place To Start

This month we challenge your creativity
 with a very simple sketch.
~  ~  ~  ~
As you can see, I took a lot of liberty with the sketch.  I didn't want to be too much "on the nose!" 
I had no plan when I started this project.  The only thing I did know was that I wanted to use buttons somewhere in the design.  It was a very pleasant surprise when I found these two wooden buttons in my stash.  Not only were they the perfect colors but they were also perfectly sized for stacking!  They have been in my stash since 2012.
 I normally use Ranger™ Distress Paints and Oxide Inks to create my backgrounds but after watching a Tracy Evans video, I decided to do this background using acrylic paint.  This panel was intended as a practice sheet.  I used a sponge dipped in glycerine to blend out the colors.  
The sketch calls for a banner. I wanted to add something a bit more dramatic.   The black trim in concert with the black sentiment strip gives me the visual I am looking for.  Using a bold sentiment embossed in white also serves to pull in the white card base and makes the composition more cohesive and integrated.  I used a stamp set from my planner supplies.
I used another sentiment and image from the stamp set to decorate the inside.  I may give this to my daughter.  Her boss surprised her today by doubling her bonus.  She also received a fabulous salary increase.  I would say she is slaying it alright.

Thanks for stopping by!
Chana Malkah

Sunday, February 7, 2021

613 Avenue Create - February Challenge - Anything Goes w/Optional Twist - "Heart and Soles"

 Hello, Crafty Peoples!

Welcome to our second challenge of 2021.

I must admit that I am responsible for this month's Optional Twist: "Heart and Soles."
I think I was in one of my "forced" creativity modes when I chose this theme. I am convinced that there will be one or two outstanding designs submitted, and that will be all the justification I need. 
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
...More Than Jimmy Chew
This card is for my former Infusion Nurse!  
She Loves Shoes and the color Orange
I knew I wanted to use both hearts and soles in my design.  The greatest challenge I faced was figuring out the best way to make that happen.  My stash of shoe dies is very limited.  I have the jumbo-sized one that I used here and another miniature one.  Ultimately, merging the heart and the shoe seemed the best solution.
I created my background using two of my favorite Distress Ink Colors, Candied Apple and Spiced Marmalade.  I mixed in a small amount of Squeezed Lemonade and Fired Brick.  I stenciled in the little hearts using Memento's London Fog Dye Ink.  I used a sponge dipped in glycerin to blend out any hard edges between my colors.
I created the inside sentiment in MS Word™.  One of my self-challenges for 2021 is to decorate the interior of my cards.  I used Liquid Pearls™ and Glossy Accents™ to create an embellishment for the shoe.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I look forward to seeing your Hearts and Soles in the Challenge at 613 Avenue Create!
Chana Malkah
Stuff I Used:
Teresa Collins - Stencil Essentials - "I Love You" (3Pk. 8"x10")
La Blanche Stamps - "Violin"

Thursday, February 4, 2021

2021 Stash Bash #3 - Happy Birthday - A Gnome Trio


Hello, Crafty Makers!
I did not have a chance to use these adorable Gnomes last year. I think they are Christmas Gomes, but I am choosing to use them on a birthday card!
I did not use Distress Oxides for this project.  Instead, I used acrylic paints.  The paint adds texture and, in some cases, it makes the paper mimic the texture of the watercolor paper.  I am drawing inspiration from the work of Tracy Evans and Gerry of Gerry's Craftroom.  I want to use more unconventional objects in my crafting, and Gerry and Tracy have both given me a new perspective on how to go about doing using various techniques to accomplish my goal!
I used my oil pencils to color these images.  As noted in past blog posts, coloring is not one of my strong points.  When I was a child, my mother jokingly threatened to break all my crayons. She encouraged me to spend more time playing with my jacks or my Bolo bat! 
Mom would be proud.  I still have Skills!
Thanks for Stopping By!
Chana Malkah
Stuff I Used:

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

2021 Stash Bash #2 - WOYWW #609 - Layered Mixed Media Card

 Hello, Crafty Makers!

It is so nice to have an actual crafting mess on my work table tonight!  I have something to show my blog hopping buddies at The Stamping Ground's  
"What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday"
You can join us!  Click HERE for details!

When I remembered to take pictures of my work desk!

This project is being entered into the
“It’s A Girl Thing” 
Thanks to my friend Patti J. for making me aware of the challenge and suggesting that I submit my card!
My work as a Pediatric Clinical Supervisor made me aware of Turner Syndrome.  I can't honestly say that I learned anything new by participating in the hop! It is always nice to see campaigns that inform the public of rare and often overlooked medical conditions.

The image is from the G45 Old Curiosity Collection
I have been inspired lately by the work of Tracy Evans. I do not own any of her stamps (I have a couple on order) but I decided I would follow along with one of her designs using the supplies I had on hand.  

This card is 5-1/2"x5-1/2", a definite departure for me.  The design space is 4-1/2"x4-1/2", so it is almost the same as working with an A2 card.  Following Tracy's tutorials has opened me up to more boldness in my layering.  I am also learning how to look at my stamps and stencils in an entirely different light.

I am super excited about using metal embellishments.  I don't do much steampunk and I don't generally use metal elements on my cards.  Tracy's tutorials have helped me buy into the idea of adding trinkets to my card faces.  Of course, the pieces I used on this card are baby steps, but I know I will become bolder as I move forward.
The project interior is finished by duplicating the background of the panel.  This year, I plan to make the interiors of my cards as interesting as the exteriors!  Wish me luck!

On a personal note, I had forgotten that politics is all about meetings, meetings, and more meetings!  Still, I am enjoying my role, and it is a good feeling to know that my efforts are helping the people of my district.

Fire and Ice
by Robert Frost
Some say the world will end in fire,
some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But If it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
 is also great
and would suffice.
Be Well and Stay Safe!
Chana Malkah
Stuff I Used:
Bazzill Basics Cardstock - Apricot
Maska Stencil: Tattered Circles
Graphic 45 Stamps: Olde Curiosity Shoppe
Background Stamp: Bold Words
Metal Trinkets:  My Stash
Sentiments: Computer Generated.