Friday, November 20, 2015

Starry Night Steampunk Clock Plate - Earth Safe Finishes

Hello, Crafty Peeps, today I am sharing 

"Starry Night" Steampunk Clock Plate.  
I am thoroughly enjoying my time on the Earth Safe Finishes ® DT!  This week, I focus on Ann Butler Designs™ Iridescents "Lagoon."  This Lagoon color is rich and elegant.  I am already looking for new ways to use it.  The pearls on this plate were originally bright white but a light coat of Iridescents "Sheer Gold" helps them blend into the palette.
Once again, my hubster was my hero!  During dinner, I mentioned that I wanted to attempt to create a steampunk clock.  He went to the Goodwill, came back with this plate and asked: "Well, can you use this to make a clock?"  It's nice to know that he actually listens to all my craft blab! I have also included two of those fabulous glass beads he picked up for me a few weeks ago. .

Earth Safe Finishes® Chalk It Up™: Licorice, English Tea Cake
Earth Safe Finishes® Gesso
Earth Safe Finishes® Pigments: Organic Yellow, Permanent Red
Embellishments:  Pearls, Flowers, metal clocks, gears (From my stash)
Die Cuts:  Tim Holtz® Alterations "Weathered Clock" and Marianne Design® Craftable Die "Clock Work"
Bore hubster to death at dinner talking about your project.  Maybe he will visit the local Goodwill Store and come back with a great idea. The plate cost $.39 at the Goodwill (5 min drive from my house.)
Cover plate with two coats of Gesso.
WhitePlate:Steampunk Plate w gesso
STEP 2:  
Select the Ann Butler Designs™ Iridescents color (I used Lagoon.) I did two coats, drying between each coat.  After the paint dried, I used Earth Safe Finishes® Chalk It Up™ to trim the outer and inner edges of the plate lip.  I added my "stars" using a Sharpie Fine Point Marker.  Note: This is the water based poster marker.  You can use a flicker brush, but you have better design control using the marker.  Gesso on the tip of a cotton swab also works.
IMG_20151108_143438_hdr IMG_20151109_135021_hdrIMG_20151109_135030_hdrIMG_20151108_143509_hdr IMG_20151108_145958_hdr
Add your contrasting "Moon Color" around the inside edges.  Here I mixed Organic Yellow, Permanent Red and White.  I smeared/blotted the paint with a moist paper towel.  Determine the best focal arrangement, adhere to plate and spray entire project with sealant( 2-3 applications.)
So now, this plate joins my collection on the fireplace mantel

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