Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday...Almost!

I did not make this card,  my darling husband made it for me, for my birthday!  The card comes with a story, of course!  When we were dating, my husband would pick the most outrageous spots to ask me if he had told me that he loved me.  The dialog would go something like this: (We were in Arizona)

DH:  Have I told you standing here admiring the beauty of the Grand Canyon, while I was holding your hand in one hand and my expensive Nikon Camera in the other, praying that I continue to hold onto and not drop either one.  Have I told you under these circumstances that I love you?
ME: (Once I stopped laughing) No, you have not.
DH:  Well, I love you!
ME:  How Much?
DH:  More than all the money in the world...ALMOST!!

I know, compared to the fantasy loves of Sex In The City, Gray's Anatomy (which I thought was supposed to be about medicine) and Desperate Housewives (I've never watched  a single episode of any of these shows) our story sounds kind of corny.  But when I think back to those days, 42 years ago, it still brings a smile to my lips and tears to my eyes; just like it did when he handed me this card!   I guess I love him as much as he loves me....ALMOST!   


My grandson, Joshua, made this card for my birthday!  I promised him I would post it on my blog.  Thanks, Joshua, Bubby loves you,too!
Mark December 3rd on your craft calendar! 
Something good this way comes!!!