Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Your Birthday!

Hello, Cardies!
Well, everyone is having Christmas in July challenges.  I don't celebrate Christmas and I do not  make X-mas cards.  I tried it last year because I wanted to be a team player, but my conscience got the best of me and I decided this year, I'm just not doing it.

I wanted to make a card for the challenge at Crafter's Cafe Challenge Blog, because we have lost a few team members (I know what that is like).  So my compromise was to attempt to focus on what Christmas is supposed to be:  the celebration of a birth.  The very word Christmas is the truncated Catholic Christ Mass

I don't understand Christmas in July.  I was born in November and if my spouse and children celebrated my birthday in June and they chose to celebrate my birthday with  little or no mention of my name in June or November, I  would be very hurt and very disappointed.
I realize Christmas is mostly a commercial enterprise these days with very little religious significance, but to me it somehow still just seems wrong that the birthday boy gets less attention than Santa, Reindeer, and Snowflakes.  Hope I haven't offended anyone, but I have felt this way for more than thirty years.  I just don't get it!

Well, that's my social commentary for the year!