Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Shopping Our Stash 517 - Round and Round

 Hello, Crafty Makers!
The fortnight Challenge at

Create a circle card or feature circles (dots, spots) on your project!

A Day In The Life

This card is dedicated to any and all crafters who have had days like the ones I describe below!

I had a funny accident in my studio last night.  While working on this card, I managed to sit on my Pan Pastels tray.  I thought I had cleaned everything off my pants, but when I sat in my chair, I transferred the entire pastel palette to my brand-new task chair!  I wasn't so worried about that since Amazon has several available for review, I can simply request a new one, but it was frustrating.

As if that were not bad enough, I somehow transferred black ink onto my card.  I was able to remove most of it with my sand eraser.  I was so over it by that time that I decided I would just go to bed and finish preparing my post in the morning.  Well,  I overslept and when I got up, I only had an hour and a half to get ready for the doctor's appointment that I had totally forgotten about.   I was not about to get zinged with a $50.00 no-show fee.

I came home and took a couple of "lousy pictures" of my ruined project.  The Hubster brought up lunch!  I fell asleep while chewing.  The Hubster took my plate away.  Came back to wake me up and help me get into bed.  My treatments always leave me with chills and very tired.

I woke up at 6:30 pm and finally got the picture added to the SOS Challenge Blog.  I am done!  It is now 7:00pm and I am going back to bed!

Tomorrow, I will be back to my creative self and I look forward to seeing your fabulous creation in our challenge at Shopping Our Stash!

Chana Malkah