Wednesday, April 3, 2024

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday- WOYWW #774

 Hello, Crafty Mates!

It's time for our weekly WOYWW blog hop! Julia has created a wonderful hop that allows us to take a few minutes to sip our coffee or tea and eat our cookies, biscuits, or bagels while we check out the creative pursuits of our fellow WOYWWERS! Click HERE to find out more about WOYWW. Click HERE to play along!

I had another fun and productive week!  (Baruch Hashem!)  My grandson and I did our  "Thorns and Roses" review of our week, and we were both satisfied that we had more roses than thorns.  We both had the same thorn since neither he nor I completed our challenge project! Sigh!   Monday was my Son's birthday!  He lives in Maryland, so there was no in-person getting together, only lots of electronic interaction.  He was totally underwhelmed by the birthday duet his father and I performed for him.  Children are so ungrateful!😀  Singing off-key renditions of Happy Birthday to our kids is a tradition!  They love it!

I surprised myself when I completed two projects this past week! I had to write two reviews for craft paper, and I decided that creating process videos was the best way to demonstrate the quality of the paper. 

I created this project using white Kraft paper. Although it was a little bit thinner than my regular brown Kraft paper, I was able to color, stencil, emboss, and die-cut it! The flower, the vase, and the background layer were all created using Kraft wrapping paper.
I tested this bright white 5"x 7" cardstock, which was rock solid!  I used alcohol markers, water-based markers, stickles, and glue.  The paper performed brilliantly!  I needed this project for my Challenge blog!  The image is by Andrea Norris over at SheepSki Designs!

All four of my workstations are again covered with products!  I am so far behind on my reviews.  I need to get it in gear because I have a six-month review in May!
I don't always review craft products! I can review any product that comes into the Amazon Vine Program. Here, I have a breather for my grandson and a gold bar necklace and earrings for me.  The Hubster is taking the necklace to have my name engraved on it!  I wish I could have gotten a better picture!
I am replacing my old ratty "studio" shirt with a new sweater. The Hubster threatened to divorce me if I wore that shirt one more time! I also found some nice sandals!
Of course, I had to request some crafty stuff and a few things for my granddaughters!

The vendor must have liked my review of the larger die-cutting machine.  The next day, I found this in my queue!  I am really enjoying the machine!   I submitted the review today (Tuesday).


I thought these sensory planners were so interesting.  There are three in the pack, which works perfectly for me since I have three granddaughters!  I am going to decorate a few pages with washi tape and stickers.
I'm keeping the Washi!
Maybe now I can have proper tension in my crochet stitches!  If not, I'll just pretend it's a ring!
They had about 30 colors.   I am going to try to get the yellow and pink!  This glitter is gorgeous!

I hope everyone has a brilliant week!
Peace, Out!

"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak!"