Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Shopping Our Stash - Challenge #201 - Use Your Oldest Washi Tape

Hello, Crafty Peeples!

 Shopping Our Stash, wants to help you deplete that every growing pile of Washi Tape! 
Use Your Oldest Wash Tape:  
OR make faux washi tape OR use washi tape stamps
I have tons of this stuff.  This is just a small sample.  I never, ever use it and I no longer buy it. I have seen fabulous projects created with washi tape, but my attempts always fall flat.
This was my final Washi purchase (part of a kit).  I really wanted the chalk elements and the kit was on clearance.  I dropped the tape into my "stash" and promptly forgot about it!   So, needless to say, I struggled with this challenge.  Simply couldn't think of anything.

 CANDLE wtih Washi
 This is one of those battery operated candles.  I used Washi Tape and Tissue Paper to cover it!
 I cut a couple of butterfiles and glued them inside. Very nice when the lights are out!

Tea Light Candles with Washi
I found a tutorial that teaches how to color these little jars using food coloring. Several years ago, I purchased tealights candles to use for Shabbos.  I still have a few hundred left.  My goal is to cover the tealights with Washi and burn them in the colored jars.  I usually light 5 candles on Shabbos, so I should end up with a colorful array of jars and a serious dent in my Washi Stash!  
NOTE:  The jars need to be tempered glass!

 Fortunately, my teammates at Shopping Our Stash are far more talented and have been able to create projects that provide wonderful inspiration sample using Washi Tape.  Please stop by and check out their creations

Thanks for stopping by!
Chana Malkah