Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thank You - Gelli Print

Hello, Crafty Peeps!
In accordance with my resolution to try new crafting techniques this year, I have entered the sphere of Gelli Printing and I must admit that I am hooked! 
As a beginner, I am mostly just playing around with colors, stencils, and a few texture pieces.  After a few more YouTube lessons, I might become more daring.

This is a thank you card I am sending to the lady who was the caregiver for my sister.  Last weeks, at age 96, my sister passed away.  Her caregiver shares in my family's grief and I just wanted her to know that her kindness is not overlooked in all of this.
I created this print using a mini Altoid tin.  
My photography does not do the print justice.
I used another scrap of the Gelli Print to anchor my sentiment!

 For my first plate, I used an Interdesign Makeup organizer tray.
This tray produced an 8" x 10"x 1/4" Gelli Plate
This plate has seen a lot of use.  I will melt it down and reset it!
My big new Monster Plate!  I doubled the recipe below to create what should be a 9"x12"x1/2" Gelli Plate when unseated!
You can use a plastic or metal tray.  The bottom must be smooth.
Here is my monster plate unseated!  A few small bubbles but this baby works like a charm. I plan to make one 8"x 8" plate and one 5"x 7" plate. In my OCD mind, if I have more plates, the less wear and tear I will experience on my main plate.

Are you adventurous?  Try making your own, here is the link to The Frugal Crafter.  The recipe is the same but her directions are for using a microwave. 
 I do not own a microwave, so I mixed all my ingredients in a stainless steel pot.

NOTE: Do not use alcohol it will cause your plate to develop mold. Gelatin, Glycerin, and Water are all you need.  Do not refrigerate!
Knox Unflavored Gelatin   Link to Amazon
Vegetable Glycerin  Link to Amazon

Here is the stove top recipe I used for my Monster Gelli Plate:
9"x 12"x 2" Pan
12 Tablespoons gelatin(14 packets)
  3 Cups cold water 
  3 Cups glycerin 
If you want to make the thinner Gelli Plate, divide the recipe in half!
I do not own a microwave, so I mixed all my ingredients in a stainless steel pot. 

Add cold water first then the gelatin, stirring after each packet to avoid lumping. Add glycerine and simmer until the mixture is clear.
If you are less cautious, you can just dump it all in stir it up and put it on your stove top.  I kept my heat low  
Do not over stir as this will cause your mixture to bubble.  
Place your container on a flat surface in a location where it will not be jostled. Pour your gelatine mixture into the receptacle and let set.  Use your finger or a toothpick to pop any small bubbles that may appear after you pour. 

I let my thin plate set up over night.  My thick plate has been setting up for two days (OCD.)

After Care:
If your plate gets too beaten up, cut or scratched (from use) just clean it and melt it for 1 minute in your microwave on high or on your stove top for 5 to 7 minutes (until it completely melts) and reset it. 

Cleaning Your Plate:
You can clean your plate with plain water, but I have found that hand sanitizer works best.  Baby Oil is also very effective for cleaning your plate.  Use a paper towel or baby wipe (cheap ones work best) to wipe away the sanitizer/oil.