Thursday, May 21, 2015

Canvas Corp Brands Crew Challenge #9 - Designer Inspired

Hello, Crafty Peeps!
The Creative Crew at Canvas Corp has been challenged to translate a design from one of their favorite designers.  The translation can be a card, or DIY project, a Scrabook layout, etc.   We are not trying to duplicate their work, we are drawing from their color story, or their design aesthetic.

Faux Grecian Urn
I chose McKenzie- Childs.  I really like their hand painted accessories.  I thought it would be fun to draw inspiration from their designs, but put an antique spin on it.

Courtly Stripe Puff Box & Brush Jar

Chevron and Splatter Brush Urn
I played around with mixing colors to come up with the look I wanted.  I wanted a Gold and Patina look on my jars ( I am working on three more.)  McKenzie-Childs creates mostly brightly colored contemporary pieces, so I was really drawing from the "hand painted" aesthetic.  I added the chevrons on the side as a nod to their use of geometric designs in many of their pieces.

Started with this empty fruit jar.
1. Removed clear labels from front and back.
2.  Applied one coat of Gesso Primer to Jar and Cap

3.  Applied one coat of Earth Safe Finishes English Tea Cake Chalk Paint
4 Applied Cheveron die cut to sides of the jar.

5.  Spray and/or paint jar with Tattered Angels'
Plain Jane Baseboard Sky
Plain Jane Baseboard Blue Bird
Plain Jane Baseboard Clay
Plain Jane Baseboard Bittersweet
Plain Jane Baseboard Grass
Plain Jane Simply Sheer Matte Mist Cozy Yellow
Plain Jane Simply Sheer Matte Mist Un-Birthday
6.  Dry brush muddy areas with Gesso to lighten.

7. Apply Tattered Angels Saffron Glimmer Glaze to Jar Handles and around the neck of the jar.
8.  Paint recessed jar front and cap with DecoArt Splendid Gold Metallic Paint.

Allow to Dry, then add a top coat of Tattered Angels Saffron Glimmer Glaze.
Label as desired.
I will label my urns when all are completed.

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