Sunday, December 14, 2014


Good Morning, Crafty Peeps!
A few weeks ago, while gathering items for a local charity that provides assistance to battered women and their children, I came across a box labled Goodwill Donation (uh, oh!) Inside I found mostly sweaters, sweater skirts, and sweater dresses (must have been popular back in the 80's.)
 Buried at the bottom was 

At any other point in my life, I would have put it back into the box and sent it on it's way.  But, what I saw as I held up this garment, was a source of embellishments for some great design, somewhere in my creative future.  I was contemplating how to remove the stones when my husband came into the garage and said, "Good Lord, woman, are you actually thinking of wearing that!
Did we get invited to an Ugly Sweater party?"

Frankly, I cannot imagine EVER wearing this sweater, but my husband fished through some old photos and sure enough, I wore this UGLY SWEATER with a nice pair of slacks to a holiday party.  In the context of the picture and the year, I was fashionably dressed. 

I have yet to remove the beads from the sweater.  I may just fold it up and put it in a drawer.  When my grandkids are older, they may want to see and touch "Bubbie's Incredible Ugly Sweater."

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