Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Gift Car/Tag Pouches - A Nice Way To Use Old Book Pages

Hello, Crafty Makers
Yesterday, I shared a gift card/tag pouch that I created using old book pages.  I mentioned that I deviated a little from the tutorial by using text weight stationery paper as backing.  After I completed that project, I thought I would try using some kraft packing paper as backing for my pages and it worked pretty well.  I have tons of this packing paper and I want to use it creatively.  I used to make flowers with it and I plan to revisit that technique in the coming weeks.
I am hoping that creating these small packets will help me improve my ability to create focal clusters.  I want to work on adding five or more elements to a cluster.  For this one, however, I felt that a small grouping would work better.
These pouches are great stash reducers.  In this case, I used scrap lace and papers.  Even the white die cut is a scrap piece.  I need to work on my stitching, though!
The most time-consuming part of this process is creating your focal group.  Probably the best strategy is to create a bunch at one time and then when you want to give a gift card or money, you can create an appropriate pouch.  I think I might do a wedding themed pouch.  How fun would that be?