Sunday, May 13, 2018

Traveler's Notebooks - My New Obsession

Hi, Crafty Peeps!
I recently reorganized my studio and vowed to either use, donate, or throw away all those things that have gathered dust, paint and who knows what else over the past year.
The glitter is actually green. I have no idea why it photographed blue.
I definitely wanted to keep the faux leather fabric that was left over from an upholstery project. Unsure of how I would use the fabric, I sought inspiration on youtube.  I was inspired by this video  ZucchiniKitty to attempt my first Traveler's Notebook Cover. 
Inside Cover TN #1-Muslin, Stamps, Copics, Ephemera
Curious to find out if the fabric would accept paint, I used my favorite Earth Safe Chalk paint and the result was fabulous!  

Inside TN Cover#2- Muslin, Stamp, Stencil, Copics and Acrylic Paint

I was able to use old Gelli prints to make insert covers. 

I've discovered the Planner community and there is an abundance of information, freebies, tutorials, and images available for newbies like me.   The most rewarding aspect of this new journey was finding so many African American images to use in my planner. I have long been frustrated by the lack of images of "people who look like me" to use in my projects, which is one of the reasons I moved away from creating cards. 
Super cute page marker.
All you need is a laminator.
I love this image! (minus the Starbucks Cup)

I rarely take a purse to the store or to doctor's appointments.  Everything I need is in my TN including credit cards, DL, and health insurance ID.   I love this 16 pocket card holder insert.  The tutorial was easy to follow.  This is a great way to reduce your paper scraps stash!  
Here is the link:  Crystal & Company
I also created this top-loading dashboard that holds planning supplies and can be used to hold cash, too.  Even when I carry my purse, I just drop my TN inside and my purse is always organized.
I find creating my own planner far more engaging (creatively) and I am pleased with my early efforts.  If you have never created or used a Traveler's Notebook (or Fauxdori) as they are sometimes called, check out the fabulous Youtube tutorials. 

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Happy Crafting
Chana Malkah