Friday, April 2, 2021


 Hello, Crafty Folks!

This project is "technically" a stash bash even though the stamps I used are fairly new.  The acrylic paints I used to create the background are six or seven years old.

I created the background using bubble wrap and acrylic paint.  I have learned a lot about using unconventional materials in a class that I purchased from Gerry's Craft Room.  I also watch a lot of Tracy Evans and Jo Rice Videos.

My rose-colored staple (a bit crooked though it may be) is not showing in the picture as well as it does in real life. It is amazing how these small details add so much interest and depth.  I debated adding a Pink Poppy to this very gold and green background.  In the end, though, I thought the contrast worked out okay!

I had fun exploring and playing around with various techniques.  I actually created two backgrounds but I am still unsure how I will finish the second card.  I may have to live with it just a bit longer.

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting!
Chana Malkah
Stuff I used:
AALL & Create - #401 - Containers
AALL & Create - #395 - Papaver Poppies
Prima Marketing - Engraver

Note:  The Hubster purchased my Rich Art™ Acrylic Paint at Dollar Tree.  So the cost was $12.00 for a full set.