Sunday, June 9, 2019

A Barrel of Monkeys - Wednesday Sketch Challenge Entry

Hi, Crafty Peeps!
The Wednesday Sketch Challenge provided a great opportunity to put another check in another box on my list of personal crafting challenges for 2019.  I actually used "flowers!" YAY!  I have literally hundreds of flowers that I bought because they were "so cute" and hundreds more that came with "kits."  I long ago stopped buying embellishments.  I use what I have on hand, or I create it.  Among my "mostly not used" stash are several flower creation sets and flower dies.  These days the most I buy are glue, paper, and on occasion a die or stamp needed for a DT project.  Otherwise, 2019 is purely stash projects. 
 A Barrel of Monkeys
 Here is the challenge sketch.

I have grown to love critter cards (this is new territory for me) and I was looking for the perfect sketch/layout in which to use them.  I tried to incorporate the little monkey holding a balloon, but couldn't make that work...maybe next challenge.

My biggest challenge was my attempt to create the look of a barrel on a flat surface.  Determined not to bother The Hubster, I played around with a few iterations and finally decided that putting my scoreboard to use was the best choice. A stencil and some distress ink gave me all the barrel "suggestion" I needed. 

I was not happy with all the blank space on the card in the lower left-hand corner.  So, I checked my personal challenge list to see what boxes remained unchecked and one was "Use More Flowers."  A long, long time ago, I purchased a kit that used the Prima Engraver series.  That was back during my "I love mini albums" phase.  Of course, that mini was never made but I was able to cut up one of the floral sprays and use it on this card.

I like this sketch and will probably use it for other projects.  Why don't you give it a try and join the Wednesday Sketch Challenge?

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