Monday, April 13, 2020

Stash Party #10 - My First Starburst Card

Hello, Crafty Makers!
Starburst Cards have been around for a long, long time.  I always intended to make one but I have the crafting version of ADHD so it never happened.  This card style is perfect for stash reduction!
Crafty Kraft
I am a big fan of kraft card.  I made this card with my final piece of kraft card.  I purchased about 50 packs of kraft card (25 sheets/pkg) back in 2010 at Big Lots.  They were selling them for $5.00/pkg.  I purchased 5 per visit and now wish I had bought them out! The lace is also a stash item.  I have this lace in three colors and I use them sparingly because I cannot find this particular pattern any longer.  The papers are from a Teresa Collins "Save The Date" 6"x6" pad that I have had for a few years.  
My flower was made about a month ago and was a reject from one of my vellum flower making practice sessions.  It has been sitting on my board and today it became the inspiration for my card.
I covered my design paper panel with Perfect Pearls.  IRL, the panel looks like satin and has a soft, pretty sheen!
The effect is created by simply applying VersaMark Embossing ink to the front of the panel and then brushing on Perfect Pearls.  I removed the excess PP by wiping it down with a microfiber cloth.  I actually buffed my panel to get the look and feel I wanted!

There are dozens of tutorials on YT but I like to create these written tutorials for those who prefer them over videos.

Materials Needed:
White CS, Patterned Paper, Colored CS (Optional, depends on your design)
Embellishments, Sentiment Stamp.

Paper Trimmer, Scissors, Glue Runner
  • 3 or 4 pieces of card stock cut to 4" x 1-1/2".
  • Cut them diagonally (corner to corner) to create a triangular shape.
  • (I added a fourth strip to my project to add more interest.)

  • Cut a piece of white CS (use scraps as this will be covered up.)
  • If you are using the Tim Holtz Glass mat, it is easy to find the center of your panel.  Line your panel up on the lined cross, as shown below.  Count over seven 1/4" squares and mark center on the top and bottom. 

  • Adhere the first patterned triangle to as shown below.  Line the strip up with the centerline.  Apply your second strip on the other side using your centerline mark as your guide.  Continue adding strips in your desired patterns. It will be necessary to adjust the position of the strips.  After your strips have been glued down, the two bottom corners will not be covered.  Trim the overhanging strips and use two of those to cover the corners.
  • I cut a piece of craft foam slightly smaller than the size of my decorated panel and attached it to the back for dimension.
  • Cut a piece of white CS to a size that is slightly larger than your decorated panel 4" x 5-1/4".
  • If you are planning to stamp your sentiment at the bottom, as I have done in my project, stamp the sentiment now before beginning your card assembly.
  • Cut a size A2 card base (4-1/4" x 5-1/2")
  • Gather your embellishments.  I changed my mind after I took the photos and decided to use smaller lace and to eliminate the aqua layer.  This gave my card a slightly larger border but I like it.  I also decided to ink the edges of my panel with Vintage Photo Distress Oxide Ink.

  • Assemble your card.
  • I created a second A2 card base using white card stock.  I trimmed the edges so that it was 1/4" smaller than my kraft card base and used a glue runner to adhere it to the inside of my card. 
    I tied a piece of twine around the card and made a cute little bow.
    The twine shows on the inside of the card.  I use a jump ring to attach a charm to the twine on the inside. The charm can be removed by the recipient!

    Stuff I Used: