Monday, July 27, 2020

2020 Stash Party #35 - Joy Looks Good On You - Crayons, stencils, and Gesso Resist

Hello, Crafty Peeps!
It is so good to feel well enough to craft again, even though it only an hour or so each day.  I am still working with background creation and the use of bold sentiment stamps.  On this project, I am using another Tammy Tutterow sentiment.
I always forget that stamping on resist projects can be challenging.  I probably could have stamped the sentiment several more times to get a bolder impression but I was hoping the clear embossing would intensify the color to my satisfaction.  Alas, it is okay but not ideal.  This was a fun technique to learn. 

I started by making random scribbles on my panel with the Art Crayons.  I used a sponge to blend the colors.  Next, I used a stencil and gesso.  I need to thin out my gesso.  I did not get the full impression of my stencil but a nice section shows through in the lower right-hand corner.  I applied gesso in a random fashion.  After this has dried, I came in with darker crayon color and scribbled it randomly just as I did with the first layer.  I used a baby wipe to spread the color so that I can see the stencil design (gesso resist.)  I used a piece of tissue paper to wipe the area of the panel where I used the baby wipe.  I added a little more of the dark color in one or two random spots and use the baby wipe again to blend it out.

Once I was satisfied with my background, I used my Bira Stamping Platform to add the sentiment.  I rummaged through my stash and found a small piece of green ribbon and some green and aqua flowers.  I added these to the panel along with a few sequins.  I stamped a simple image on the inside of the card and added a thin washi strip across the top.

I hope this week will be one in which I can do more crafting and less resting!  I have yet to use any of the items in the "Dollar Tree" haul that "The Hubster" presented to me.
Thanks for stopping by!