Sunday, May 20, 2018

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Hello, Fellow Paper Crafters!
Tell Your Story Journal Set
One school year of homeschooling and I have gained so much more respect for those amazing teachers who year after year strive to educate our youth.  Today I am sharing the appreciation gift created for my grandson's ELA instructor.  She is simply awesome!
Alert! Alert!  Photo Overload!  
Save those strips at the top of the single 12"x12" papers.  I used those to make the banners on my flower.  The "Daily Junque" is a different collection, but the banner worked for this journal. 
Because Ms. R. Teaches English Language Arts (in my grandson's case, 9th-grade Composition and Literature) I thought a journal would be a perfect gift for her.  I have been holding on to this Theresa Collins "Tell Your Story" Kit for almost three years and finally decided to cut into it.  I was impressed with her ability to get our seventh-grader to do ninth grade ELA work.  His writing is impressive and he has been introduced to Literature that I first encountered as a college freshman.
Sorry about the lousy photo
The "Button Hole Stitch" bookbinding method is fun and easy for beginners (like me) to learn.  Sea Lemon has a great tutorial.

I decorated the signature dividers with ephemera from paper collections related to writing, typesetting, etc.  Although I did not create pockets on these dividers, I have done so on others.   

I did, however, include pockets inside the covers.  I added thank you cards, library cards, and a few envelopes.  I also found the perfect Washi Tape in my stash!

Lately, I want to deliver all my crafting gifts in hinged boxes.  
This one was super fun to create!
I created a note holder by lining the lid with business card magnets.

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Chana Malkah