Monday, May 4, 2020

2020 Stash Party #18: Use One Stamp 5 Ways - A 5 Day Challenge - Day 5

Hello, Crafty Peeps
This five-day challenge hasn't been at all difficult or painful.  At the outset, I thought it would be both.  I think what my crafting buddy is trying to teach me is that I need to stop overthinking and believing that every card has to be an "artistic masterpiece."  Her words to me were, "just sit down and make something.  It's not like you are trying to win some national design award. We both are just amateur hobbyists doing what we love!"  I have to admit she was right and making a lot of sense.  Man, there will be no living with her now!😀

My final creation is the most severe progression!  I returned to my white card base and, of course, I had to keep the sentiment but I wanted to change the perspective of the design.  I was able to accomplish this by using an oval die-cut and a bold lavender background paper.  Green and lavender are among my favorite colors and they compliment each other so well.  I just knew that my little gingham bow (leftover from another project would work perfectly.)  The white frame on this card was a scrap from Project #3 in this series of cards.  It was pure coincidence that it fits the focal panel perfectly!  Honestly, I am sad that the challenge has ended!  I am sure she will have another!


Stuff I Used:
Gingham Moss Green 3/8 Inch