Wednesday, December 2, 2020

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #600

 Hello, WOYWW Blog Hoppers
and all other crafty visitors!

Thanks to all the wonderful WOYWW hoppers who stopped by and left such nice welcoming messages!  I know that I am going to enjoy participating in this group.  I hope it is okay for me to invite y'all to participate, from time to time, in my two challenges: 
613 Avenue Create and A Place To Start.  

 It is 11:03pm, and I am finishing up the Christmas cards that I am making for my SIL!  When I spoke to her today, I found out that I had created five fewer cards than she asked for.  I decided to create the five additional cards using the most simple design in her set.  I also need to finish the tags for her gifts, but that is not urgent.

I had her cards all bundled up and ready to go and I even included a little pen for her convenience.  I was going to make a gift bag, but she poo-pooed that idea. She has the bag I created for her last year and she is bringing that when she comes to pick up her cards.
I think she will like these colors.  I am having a difficult time finding card stock to match the blue gift box.  I think I have one that is close...we'll see.

I have been so busy with my community organizing efforts, trying to get the cards done, and getting my challenge blogs caught up, that I totally forgot that Chanukah starts on December 11th.   I was wondering why The Hubster was asking me about Donuts and Latkes! Baruch HaShem, Amazon exists!  At least I was able to order my Chanukah candles and I had an excuse to purchase a new Chanukiah!  Our celebration will be a bit muted this year because my grandkids won't be coming down from Maryland but I am looking forward to lighting that first candle!  It is a great reminder that no matter how bleak things may seem, there is always room for a miracle!

I hope to be able to join the Zoom Crop on Saturday.  I can't join until after Shabbos ends at 6:09pm. (EDT)

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Enjoy the rest of your week! Be well, stay safe, keep crafting!
Chana Malkah