Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Life's A Picnic - Upcycled Styrofoam Ice Chest

Hello, Crafty Peeps!
 I am continuing my quest to "Happydize" all the equipment and other paraphernalia connected with the treatment of my disease.  Monday I posted my updated Banana Hanger.  Today I am posting my updated styrofoam ice chest.
My Immuno-therapy medications used to be delivered every month in this "environmentally" toxic puppy.  Thank goodness, when my provider company was purchased by a large insurance company, they switched over to the "space bags."  The Hubster and I no longer have to figure out what to do with the containers.  Anyway, two of the ice chests are with me permanently.  One, to store nursing supplies and one to hold emergency supplies.

I thought it was great, artistically, when pieces of the styrofoam began chipping away as I worked.  My illness is a lot like that, it slowly robs you of muscle function.  Sometimes, it is easy to focus more on what I can't do or what I used to do, rather than focusing on the beauty that remains in all that I still can do.  Life is a picnic!

The edges are painted gold and speak to the golden moments that Amy and I share during our two days together.  We have solved all the world's problems, more than once!  We have found differences in our sameness and sameness in our differences, and we have become friends.  Best of all, she refuses to attend any of my pity parties.  The Hubster moved our hummingbird feeder closer to the bay window so Amy and I can actually see them feed.

 Jimmy is "The Hubster."
 Amy is my friend and infusion nurse.
 Stacie, is my daughter.
Josh is my eldest grandson
Timothy is my son.
Dr. Greene is my neurologist. 

Danielle, Sean, and Michaela are my three younger grandkids whose names will be added later
 The book pages represent my love of reading and writing.  The bird nest decoupage napkins speak to my love of nature (a gift from my Cherokee father.)  The color blue represents the sky, which for me reflects the eternal presence of G-d.)  The molding plaster pays homage to the rough patches we all face in life.  The green and orange represent the earth.  It is here that we have dominion.  It is here that we are given the power to overcome any challenge life puts in our path.

I had fun doing this.  Even The Hubster thought is was good emotional therapy for me.  I am such a control freak it is very difficult living each day with something I cannot control.  Maybe this is the lesson I am to learn, maybe this is the correction for my Neshama!

Thanks for stopping by!