Thursday, November 26, 2020

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #599

 Hello, Crafty Peeps!

I decided to participate in the WOYW Wednesday challenge.  Unfortunately, the Amazon cloud was out of commission for most of Wednesday and I was not able to upload my pictures until now.  I hope I can still make the challenge.  I will take pictures of my projects later today.  It is 2AM and I am headed to bed!

Generally, my work table is pretty neat and clean.  But I am trying to complete my SIL's Christmas Card order, make her planner for 2021, and serve as a volunteer leader for the upcoming senatorial runoff election here in Georgia.  

I am crafting, calling, and drinking more coffee than I should.  There was no way I could fit cleaning my studio into that mix! 😄  All of my work areas were covered with supplies.

The Hubster made a woodblock for use on my stamp platform (to apply even pressure.)  About two months ago, he came home with a huge box full of craft supplies that he purchased at the Dollar Tree.  Included in the stash was some craft foam. I decided that I would cover my woodblock with craft foam.  I painted the ends with some of the paint that The Hubster purchased and added some glitter.  I added Washi Tape to hide the edges!   Now, I have a fun tool!

Right now, my workspace is its pristine self!   Since today is Thanksgiving, the studio will remain clean until around 5pm and then I will be back in here messing it up all over again.  I do have three lovely cards to show that the mess was worth it!

Chana Malkah
BTW, if you want to share your journey through our wonderful craft, visit The Stamping Ground to learn all about WOYW Wednesday!