Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Dust of Life

Hello, Crafty Peeps,

I have been away from my blog for over two weeks.  I am one of those who suffers with migraine headaches and, as if that were not bad enough, I also have Meniere's Disease (an inner ear disorder). This time they both decided to strike at the same time.  Couple these two with my allergies which caused my face to swell up so much that my eyes became just tiny little slits and you can imagine how much fun I have had the past two weeks.   Thank goodness for better living through chemistry.  At least they give you drugs that put you to sleep.  :D)

This card was intended to post two weeks ago, but I never made it back into my studio, so I am posting it today.  It seems quite appropriate.  This is my first day back, I am so far behind on everything it is not funny, and yet,  I am pain free, happy and ready to shake off the dust!

 It was a pleasant surprise to find that my honeycomb embossing folder was a perfect match for the honeycomb designer paper used in this project. 

 Greens are difficult to match, but I thought the shades here worked together fairly well.  Threading the button with strips of the DP helped maintain the continuity and vertical flow of the design.
As usual, I kept the inside simple.  I think handwritten notes are much more personal and well suited to handmade greeting cards.

Thanks for stopping by!