Friday, May 13, 2016

DecoArt Blogger Outreach - Freshen That Bathroom!

Hello, Crafty Peeples!
Thank goodness my project request was approved by the
DecoArt Blogger Outreach Program 
My guest bathroom has been varying shades of pink for the past twenty-six years.  Pink and blue, pink and green, pink and beige.  I really wanted to change things up without waiting for The Hubster to steam off the wallpaper (you know how husbands are when it comes to their "Honey Do" lists.) 
In The Beginning was the Wood!
This is the vanity after I scrubbed all the wood with Murphy's Wood Soap.  
I started dumping drawers then I remembered I needed a BEFORE picture.
 Thoroughly cleaning your wood is not necessary but was important to me.  I was surprised at the amount of furniture polish that accumulated in three months since the last time I stripped the wood. 
In The End was the Americana Decor® Chalky Finish Vanity
I love my new vanity.  To achieve this color:
 Mix One Part Americana® Decor™Chalky Finish "Yesteryear "
One part Americana® Decor™ Chalky Finish "Relic."


Remove doors and drawers from vanity.
  1. Thoroughly clean your vanity of dust, dirt, wax, etc.  Clean wood requires less paint.
  2. Apply painter's tape to surfaces you want to protect.   
  3. To achieve this color: Mix One Part Americana® Decor™Chalky Finish "Yesteryear " and One Part "Relic."  Mix paint in small batches.  I used syringes to mix my paint and added an extender to prevent the paint from drying too quickly.  The color will be consistent. 
  4. Apply paint. Usually, only one coat of paint is needed.  I applied two and allowed 30 minutes drying time between coats.  After applying final coat, I allowed my vanity dry for 2 days but I am a little OCD!)
  5. Apply Decor™Creme Wax (clear.) I allowed the wax to dry tacky to the touch then buffed and repeated.  (Just remember, I am OCD.)***
 10mL syringes I used to mix my paint.  I was able to reduce waste by mixing small batches.

I painted the counter of the modesty wall to match the vanity and trimmed it with Decor® "Carbon."
I allowed all of these surfaces to cure for a week.  Lots of wet stuff gets deposited here.
Cabinet hardware is expensive.  Reusing is a much better idea.  Chalk paints provide great coverage and, if properly sealed and cured, will last for years or until your next "refreshing' project!
The toothbrush holder and soap dish were originally pink.  The ring holder was pink and white with little flowers.  The soap dispenser is Ms. Meyer's®.  I forgot to take pictures before I started painting.  The decoupaged design is a napkin!
 I painted over the old metal fixture, put in some new LED bulbs and I was done! What a difference!

Thanks to Americana Decor® Chalky Finishes my bathroom has gone from this:
The new smaller commode helped the transformation.  These cool colors help the room appear larger and the white just feels "clean."
The window shade is white not blue.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
My next planned project for the Blogger Outreach Program is to transform my dressing closet into a craft storage/mini workroom!  I have to estimate how much paint is needed and then decide if it is feasible.  I encourage you to look around your home and find a DIY project.  Start small and work your way up.  Chalk paints are great and easy to use which is perfect for novice DIYers like me!


*** For those who are not OCD!
(excerpt from DecoArt® web page)


Quickly and easily refurbish flea market finds with Americana Decor® Chalky Finish paint. This ultra-matte chalk paint requires no priming or sanding before using. No special skills required to achieve looks from shabby chic to bohemian modern. Customize with waxes or varnishes to finish and protect the paint surface. Unlike Annie Sloan branded waxes, Americana Decor wax does not need to be reapplied to upkeep the protective finish.
  • Ultra-matte, chalky finish
  • Available in 29 vintage, intermixable colors
  • No priming or prep needed
  • Adheres to even the slickest surfaces
  • Easier to distress than other acrylic paints
  • One-coat coverage with most colors on most surfaces
  • Durable due to unique cross-linking feature of paint resin system
  • Water-based for easy clean-up
  • Made in the USA