Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys!

Digital Image "Lonesome Cowpoke" by Stamp-n-Doodle

I had fun with this challenge.  Well, I was a little late with my DT Card, so you won't see it at the challenge site.  But the fun part was using this new technique that I learned at Gina K's Stamp TV.  Wax Paper Embossing!!  That's what I said, too?  Huh, What?  Wax paper?  Okay!  But I tried it and it is really neat.  And if that was not enough, I remembered that I had purchase some "Western" Earrings years ago (The line dance craze at the time was "Achy Breaky Heart."  I was trying to prove to my co-workers that there was nothing wierd about a black person loving country music...I still do.  So, anyway, we were all headed off to Dallas for a Corporate retreat and except for the hair and couldn't tell me from Dolly Parton (LOL)  I digress.  But the earrings had these cute little charms, so I dug them out and attached a pair of the boots to my card.  Not only was this project fun, but it brought back so really cool memories.

I wanted one layer of embossing to look like leather.  I think I should have used darker distress inks, but I am really pleased with the design.  It is really easy.  Just crumple up some wax paper (I used Cut-rite), open it up and place it between two pieces of cardstock (cut to the size that you need for your panel) and then iron it.  When you remove the wax paper, you won't be able to see the design...but it is there.  Then you take your Distress Ink and use the direct method to apply it to the cardstock.  Apply both colors and the wipe away the excess with a paper towel.

Gina K describes it better.  Check out her tutorial.  I hope to see your card in the Challenge.  Thanks for stopping by!  Be well, Chana!