Wednesday, February 24, 2021

WOYWW #612 - Faux Leather Notebook/Journal Pages

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My desk is super clean this week.  I am starting a new project using an old CD.  My colors are too muddy, so I am going to add another coat of Gesso and try again.  I am trying (and mostly failing) to complete a voice-over for my video about my Faux Leather Notebook.
I love my D-I-Y mat.  I taped together six (6"x8") Dollar Tree® cutting mats.   I have a mat that is 12"x24",  folds up, and only cost my hubby $6.00.

I was planning this card last week.  It is only fair to share the final outcome.
Faux Leather Notebook

I created this faux leather notebook in 2015. I never did anything with the blank signatures until now. I don't know much about creative journaling. I have been reading up and looking at samples. This is the first time I've tried it. My pages are not the typical "artistic" journal pages, but they are "ME!"

Age speaks wisdom and age speaks the truth,
and the seasoned tongues are keen,
but give me the honeyed lies of youth
and keep my wisdom green.

Fire may burn and the burning may teach
the moth what candles are,
but let me grasp what is out of reach
and die en route to a star!

Chana Malkah