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Sunshine On A Cloudy Day - Shopping Our Stash - Another Brown Lunch Bag Card

Good Morning, Crafty Peeples
The Theme this week at Shopping Our Stash is 
"Sunshine On A Cloudy Day!"
I was born at the tail end of 1949, came of age in the 1960's, and lived in Philadelphia, PA.  You say to me "I've Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day"  I say to you " MY GIRL!  The TEMPS!"
Philadelphia, in the mid to late 60's, where on any given Friday night, on any corner, one could find boy groups, girl groups, mixed groups, and some odd groups, all gathered together in the name of Barry Gordy and Motown.  Everyone could sing, everyone could dance and everyone wanted to be a star.  Except, my father, who mostly just wanted everyone to shut up, go home and stop using the front stoop of his business as an audition studio.  

My father would yell, "why don't you go sing in front of your house?" and my sister, Pat, who I always felt harbored some kind of death wish, would answer smugly, "I am singing in front of my house, Pops!" 

Adding to Dad's frustration was the knowledge that there were always a couple of cops there, leaning against their patrol cars, making song requests (instead of clearing the sidewalk) and eating the Philly Cheese Steaks they had purchased from HIM (my ungrateful father).

One wonderful weekend each month, The Block Party Talent Show took possession of the dead end street that ran along side my father's restaurant.   Most of the male groups imitated "The Temps." Dad made money hand over fist. Pat and I served customers between our stints as backup singers for various groups.  My Stepmoms and her church friends played Wisk, kept their eyes on the "fast" girls and generally made sure the "heathens" didn't get out of control.  It was planned, impromptu theatre.
As fortune would have it, I met and married a man who had an extensive "mint condition" album collection which included every album and 45 rpm ever released by "The Temps."   Half of which he sold to pay for our dates.  When Jim's Best Friend told me about the sale of the albums, I was able to buy them back... from said Best Friend, who, woefully short of cash, could smell my desperation and managed a nice profit.
At the reception, after I presented the gift of his  "Redeemed Beloved Temps," my husband and a bunch of other very drunken soldiers sang "My Girl" and performed the worst Temptations dance routine in the long, sad history of bad..really bad dance routines.  What A Man, What A Man, What A Mighty Good Man!

This was a fun challenge. Hubby and I had a blast reminiscing about our time in the military, our wedding, and all the albums he sold to keep me in chili dogs and Pepsi at "Sue and Herb's Drive In Diner" at Fort Hauchuca, Arizona.
 Somebody owes somebody a trip to Paris!
Answer (August 2, 2014 marked 45 years)

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MAKING ENDS MEET - WORLD HEART DAY- 613 Avenue Create Challenge

Good Morning, Crafty Peeples!
This week, I am breaking one of my cardinal rules: "Never write an Epistle on your blog." 
You don't have to read it,  please feel free to skip to the pictures.  

This week, in the Neighborhood, we are celebrating World Heart Day (September 29th).  This is your opportunity to create a project that promotes "Your Favorite Heart Thing."
When I first began in Judaism, I thought I would never figure it all out.  Perish the thought!  By the simple act of forgetting to turn on the hallway and bathroom lights before the Yom Tovim began Wednesday, I learned, over the ensuing Three Dark Nights, that I could grope, stumble and stub my toes with some of the best Jews in the world.  I've got this!

I love this time of year on the Jewish calendar.  Everything is so descriptive.  We are in what is called the "Days of Awe."  There are 10 Days of Awe that lead from Rosh HaShanah to Yom Kippur.  It is the best time to figure out what your Heart Thing might be.   One of my Heart Things is I LOVE PAPER and so, it is very appropriate that during these days of Awe, I am reminded that the *Sefer Torah will always be written onto parchment, with a quill pen dipped in ink.  Although we have electronic versions of our text, we cannot use electronics on Shabbos or during Yom Tovim.  You will never see an Orthodox Rabbi standing at the Bimah with an iPad. That's a iJid! (it Just isn't done!)

G-d commands that each King of Israel should write for himself a Torah.  That act of putting pen to paper requires concentration and connection.  The absence of a Delete/Backspace key tends to increase one's desire for accuracy.   The next time you have a chance to observe a child who is just learning to write, you should do so.  Watch the concentration, the determination, the humility, and the sheer exhilaration as each letter is successfully completed.   

The very first Torah Scroll I ever saw was over 100 years old and had been rescued from a village in Poland.  The entire village had been destroyed, it's inhabitants murdered or sent off to concentration camps.  The Torah had been hidden and, as was evident to the allied soldiers, several Jews had lost their lives rather than disclose it's hiding place.   Although the Torah was no longer "kosher" and could not be used for services, for us, it's mere existence was a moving testament. One of  our first acts as newly converted Jews was to purchase letters for a new Sefer Torah.  We were present when those precious letters were formed. We are connected to that Torah and to that Congregation forever. There is subtle power in the written word.  

Moses experienced great awe as he watched the Commandments being written by G-d's own hand. I imagine he experienced humility in equal measure when G-d made him hew the stone and prepare the second set of Commandments for himself after he [Moses] destroyed the first set in anger.

So, for my Heart Thing and this challenge, I created Bookends.  Bookends, because like Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, they hold between them, the Days of Awe, written by hand onto the parchment of our hearts, dipped in the ink of G-d's tender mercies and loving kindnesses... the map to help us journey from where we are to the destination we seek. 
L'Shanah Tovah,
Chana Malkah 
*A Sefer Torah (Hebrew: ספר תורה‎; plural: ספרי תורה Sifrei Torah ; "Book(s) of Torah" or "Torah scroll(s)") is a handwritten copy of the Torah, the holiest book within Judaism. It must meet extremely strict standards of production.

 This is a time of renewal, so I repurposed old Amazon boxes
reinforced by medium chipboard. 
 The bookends are designed to used together or separately!
 Back - Bookend #1 & #2
Front Bookend #2  
Functional with space for pretty! 

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"The Mysterious Affair of Cody's Shower Curtain Inspired Accountant's Survival Kit!"- Shopping Our Stash

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This week Shopping Our Stash, challenges you to take a picture of your SHOWER CURTAIN and create a project inspired by that curtain.  If your showers are glass enclosed (as most of mine are) Please use this shower curtain as your inspiration.  Include a picture of your shower curtain.
When asked what I thought of the theme, I said I was not thrilled. 
Mine was the minority opinion, my teammates were giddy.  I didn't say I hated it, 
didn't say it wasn't a good challenge, didn't say I wouldn't create, all I said was... not thrilled. 
But, as my girl in Frozen said: "The Cold Never Bothered Me,  Anyway!"
So here is my plain beige shower curtain in the cream and pink environment in which it lives.
See it hanging there all happy and stuff, just like Moses, minding it's own business.  The Burning Bush was somebody else's idea.

 A Short, Short Creating Story 
                                                                                                   by Chana Malkah Harris
 "The Mysterious Affair of Cody's Shower Curtain Inspired Accountant's Survival Kit!"
Chapter One
The shower curtain itself was not the problem.  Chana knew this, but still, she had a limited amount of time to complete the ASK's for her daughter's staff.  True, she had completed the desk set for the Company's President, but the actual ASK was still in DD (Design Development.)  The Rosh Hashanah gift for the Chairman of the Board was still in Concept, and now she had to do something with a shower curtain...a very drab shower curtain.  Chana was not thrilled.  Until her eyes fell on the lone remaining mock up of her designer tool box.  Now, she could be giddy! Now, she could be thrilled.  Now, she could become invigorated.   She would gather all the components, they would sit on her composition board for a day or two.  She would stare at them, but work on other things..it would take days, but it would come, because that's how she designs. 
Chapter Two - Killing A Lot of Birds With One Stone
Bird #1 - Cody's Accountants Survival Kit
Bird #2 - Shopping Our Stash Challenge DT Make
Chana decided to approach this as a Concept design.  In Concept design, one can't actually transform the object, so elements of the object are reproduced in the paper, but elevated/transformed.  The original elements must remain identifiable (For Chana: Color, Shape, Texture and Rings.)  Concept design does not require the final product to LOOK like the original.  No Challenge There.
  But, let's face it, this is an arts and crafts challenge....not a real concept design challenge.  So either presentation works.  It depends on the Ability, Skills, Knowledge, taste and most importantly, the Desire and Fun of the designer.  Chana knew this and so she pressed on.
Chapter Three - The Final Chapter
Concept Design and How it Works in Chana's World
Survival Kit Components: Desk Pads,  BS Repellant, Round Tuits, Atta Boys/Girls, Note Pads.  
  It was important that the Design remain Vertical to match the Orientation of the shower curtain.
The Wallpaper used on the Tool Box is Satin. The Plastic Round Tuits represent the Shower Rings.
The Desk Pad /Note Pad - The basic color of the Shower Curtain is retained, but elevated.  
The Blotter Pad is covered with clear Shelf Liner to mimic the Satin texture and Water Repellant treatment on the Shower Curtain.
The BS Repellant Spray Bottle and Hitch Post Note Pad Base: 
Chana Chose plaid to contrast the vertical striped pattern used on Toolbox.  
This is called design elevation and color profile development.
Contrast is always good and adds interest. 
Always handy to counter the unnecessary BS you get from people over stuff, sometimes..
I think Cody will be pleased.  (Giddy and Thrilled are not in his Wheel House) Well, cuz, he's a man!

Just for fun, here is one of the Accountant's Survival Kits for the Female Staff.  
See, Mom, No Shower Curtains!!!
Murphy's Law in Mathematical Form
1+1 = = 2 where = = 2 is
the mathematical symbol for
"Rarely Ever"

Visit the SOS Team for more Shower Curtain Inspiration.

Can't wait to see your spin on our Shower Curtain Challenge.   
Visit my teammate's blog for additional inspiration!
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Chana Malkah

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613 Avenue Create - Create Your Own Challenge - Win A Watermark

Good Morning, Crafty Peeples,

This week at 613 Avenue Create, we are celebrating the reveal of our new Team Watermarks and Our Facebook Page Designer of the Day Badge.   Our Graphic Designer, Kathyrne, from Stamp Art & Heart has teamed with us to offer the chance to win your own watermark.  Here is how it works:

1.  You will be responsible for providing art work (Like the image of the lady in our logo).
2.  Kathyrne will work with you to design your watermark.  You will receive one proof and 1 final Watermark.
3.  613 Avenue Create will make payment directly to Kathryne once your project is completed.

There are three ways to enter:
Leave a comment on our Facebook page on the Watermark Contest Posting.
Leave a comment on our current challenge
Enter a project in our Facebook Inspiration Challenge. 
We are pleased to rollout our new Team Watermarks! 
Our thanks to our graphic Designer,
Kathryne, of Stamp Art by Kathryne.
Kathryne Elizabeth is a certified Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Digital Artist for Whimsy Stamps.
She thanks you for inviting her into your creative world and welcomes the opportunity to work and create with you. Satisfaction is always guaranteed. Professional results with a personal touch.
You can follow Kathryne's blog and visit her on FB.
For more information please contact Kathryne: stampartdesignbykathryne@gmail.com

The Winners will be announced on FB and on our Challenge Blog on Sunday, September 28th.

Here is the chart for this week's Optional Twist  and a look at last week's Winner and Top Three

We're Anything Goes but this weeks optional twist is to use our 

Challenge #89 Winners 
winner of the RICK ST. DENNIS  images
Beautiful technique, splendidly executed!  Great Job, Pat!

Our Top Three 
#208 - DANIELLE of  
Great Color Integration and Composition.

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Shopping Our Stash --Who's Who :The Greatest Gift

Good Morning, Crafty Peeples!

Our challenge for you this week at Shopping our Stash is that your create a project that includes a photograph of a person or a stamped image of a person (humans, people, etc.)

I have chosen to use an image that was given to me as a gift form Christine Armstrong.
Christine is a Digital Artist for Whimsy Stamps and the owner of  Crissy's Art and Heart Blog.

Daddy's Heartbeat

You can find Crissy's Whimsy Images HERE
I don't do a lot of Clean and Simple, but one of those 'happy accidents'  was to dictate the final design.  For the CAS purist, I am sure this card has too many layers and would be a major fail in the 
"ease of production" which is the keystone of any good CAS project.
I am working on a Stationery Project using this image and,  if what is in my head actually translates to paper in design development, I think it will do justice to Crissy's touching and beautiful rendering. 

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Chana Malkah

You could win your own personalized watermark!  Stop by our Facebook Page and find out how.

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613 Avenue Create - ANYTHING GOES - Holly Hughes Collection

Good Morning, Crafty Peeples!

613 Avenue Create Facebook Contest Alert!!!!
Today we reveal our official Facebook Feature Badge.  In celebration, we will award one lucky Commenter the chance to work with Graphic / Digital Designer Kathyrne Elizabeth and develop their personal watermark. Best of all...We are footing the bill.
  Visit our Facebook Page and leave a comment.
Here is our new FB Feature Badge.  It will be awarded only on our FB page.

This week at 613 Avenue Create, our challenge is ANYTHING GOES!  So, the world is your oyster.

I am continuing my journey back to my first love....Stationery.  This week I designed this desk group It already has a home waiting for its delivery on Monday.

"The Holly Ensemble"

Element 1 - The Poetry Cards w/Carrier
The holder is made from a 5"x7" Kraft Paper bag.  
Carrier holds up to four cards depending on how heavily embellished.

Element II - Small Note Bookmark and Clip Board

Element III - Notecase
Holds 4-6 Notecards and Envelopes

Element IV - Desk Blotter
Made from old Fed-Ex Box

The "Faux Enamel" Butterfly was created by painting this FabScraps metal butterfly with TH Distress paints and then heat embossing with clear  embossing powder.

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Chana Malkah



Prima Fairy Rhymes
Santora  (London) - Trim Craft Premium Paper Pad
My Mind's Eye Lost and Found # - Oliver
Strathmore Blue Deckled Edge - Rag Paper
Neenah UV/Ultra II Translucent Printing Paper - Radiant White
Prima - Stationer's Desk
Really Reasonable Ribbon
Inks, Stains and Paints and Sealants
Tim Holtz
Zing Clear Embossing Powder
Aleene's Matte Finish
Wallpaper (optional)
Clear Shelf Liner

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613 Avenue Create Facebook Contest!!!

Good Morning, Crafty Peeples!

613 Avenue Create Facebook Contest Alert!!!!
Today we reveal our official Facebook Feature Badge.  In celebration, we will award one lucky Commenter the chance to work with Graphic / Digital Designer Kathyrne Elizabeth and develop their personal watermark. Best of all...We are footing the bill.
  Visit our Facebook Page and leave a comment.
Here is our new FB Feature Badge.  It will be awarded only on our FB page.

This week at 613 Avenue Create, our challenge is
So, the world is your oyster.

Chana Malkah

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Everything Tastes Like Chicken! - Yet Another Brown Paper Bag Creation

Good Morning, Crafty Peeps!

This week at Shopping Our Stash,  we want you to create a design that honors that most  humble of humble yard birds,  The "CHICKEN".  I was stumped, for a while,  because I really don't do whimsy.  I think I found a solution that works for me and for the theme requirement.

Rosh HaShana is fast approaching and I used this challenge as motivation to finally come up with a design for the invitations to my Seder.  Combining "Whimsy' with "Understated Elegance" proved to be rather daunting.

I placed the "Chicken" on the back of the invite and it flows.  Adds a little humor.. I like!
"I don't even want to tell you what this tastes like".

My original idea was to put a doughnut in the center section, but decided that these gummed pads would be a more practical gift.

I knew the crafting gods were smiling on me when I found this wonderful "save the date" paper in my stash!  

The invitation was made using a brown paper lunch bag.

In deference to my Jewish friends, "b'li ayin hara" this is not my acutal seder menu. I would never serve meat and dairy together. G-d forbid!    The items here are for display only.
Video is HERE - You Tube Share Video
For additional Inspiration, Please visit my SOS Teammates 

Barb (off this week)

then enter our challenge 

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!
Chana Malkah

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