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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Canvas Corp - 2015 Design Team Call

Every once in a great while, I convince myself that I should apply for a commercial design team, not because I think I'm so talented, I know I am not.  I do it because constant rejection is the key to divine humility.  This time I was encouraged by my bud Kathy Clement to apply.  She was thinking of applying.  So, I took the plunge.  We shall see, said the blind man!

PROJECT #1  - The Spindle
Kathy has this awesome thread spindle that she uses to "brand" her project posts.  I thought it was really cool and asked her where she got it.  I didn't want to use it as she does, obviously, but I thought it would be a neat way to display my Prima Fibers (my lastest passion).  The fibers come on these really cool boards, but the spindle had more appeal for me, so....... I made my own.
Inspiration #1-  KATHY'S SPINDLE  - 
Inspiration #2 - Old Paper Towel Core and A Canvas Corp Canvas Sheet Package
We use a ton of paper towels and I wanted to do something with the I cut it into small sections and used as the core of my spindle.
The base of the spindle is an empty ribbon spool.  I cut octaganal and round chipboard pieces, painted them and then covered them using papers from 7 Gypsies'  Paddington 6"x6" variety pack.  An overhead shot of the spindle would have been nice (didn't think of it when I was shooting) to show how the spindle ties in with the other elements.
 Tim Holtz Hitch Post fasteners and a bead are used as stabilizers.  They work great when the spindle is full.  I just tuck the ribbon/fiber behind them and they don't fall out. 
The Inspiration for the Mini Album came from the label on this Canvas Corp. Product.  I wanted to use items from my stash and realized while working on my spindle, that I only had small amounts of the 7 Gypises pads on hand.  I was curious if I could mix three very different paper varities into a cohesive design.  The b/w polka dots with the brown and canvas seemed like the perfect palette.
Project #2 - The Brown Paper Bag Mini Album 
Project #3 - The Journal Card/Note Card Holder

Products used:
7 Gypies: Paddington 6"x6" paper variety pack, 7 Gypies Lille 6"x6" paper variety pack; 7 Gypies Postale Index Cards and Envelopes
Bella Boutique Stack - 12"x12"
Simple Stories: Happy Day 6"x6" Pad Printed Burlap - Postale
Graphic 45: Large Tags
Prima: Vintage Trinkets
Tim Holtz: Hitch Post Fasteners 
American Crafts: Ribbo
Misc: Paper towel core, chipboard, gesso, acrylic paint, beads, the usual suspects

Challenges Entered: (I'll Be Back!)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happy Desk Set

Hello, Crafty Peeps!

A while back, I started making these Accountant's Survival Kits for my daughter's staff.  I needed to make twelve.  I have completed four and  I wanted to share the one I made for one of the staff members who loves  Pharrell William's "Happy" from "Despicable Me 2."

Each Kit Contains:
1 Desk Pad Set
1 Bottle Bulls----Repellant
2 - Round Tuits
Assorted Atta/Boy and Atta/Girl Tokens
Two note pads
Instructions on how and under what circumstance each item should/could be used.

The "Happy" box is a Chiclets box that has been covered.  I made tops for each box
I can say these desk sets are helping me reduce my Stash.   To tell the truth, searching through all my scraps and new stuff that I have been hoarding, has re-energized my creative drive and reduced the clutter in my paper closet.

That's it!  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day - Shopping Our Stash - Another Brown Lunch Bag Card

Good Morning, Crafty Peeples
The Theme this week at Shopping Our Stash is 
"Sunshine On A Cloudy Day!"
I was born at the tail end of 1949, came of age in the 1960's, and lived in Philadelphia, PA.  You say to me "I've Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day"  I say to you " MY GIRL!  The TEMPS!"
Philadelphia, in the mid to late 60's, where on any given Friday night, on any corner, one could find boy groups, girl groups, mixed groups, and some odd groups, all gathered together in the name of Barry Gordy and Motown.  Everyone could sing, everyone could dance and everyone wanted to be a star.  Except, my father, who mostly just wanted everyone to shut up, go home and stop using the front stoop of his business as an audition studio.  

My father would yell, "why don't you go sing in front of your house?" and my sister, Pat, who I always felt harbored some kind of death wish, would answer smugly, "I am singing in front of my house, Pops!" 

Adding to Dad's frustration was the knowledge that there were always a couple of cops there, leaning against their patrol cars, making song requests (instead of clearing the sidewalk) and eating the Philly Cheese Steaks they had purchased from HIM (my ungrateful father).

One wonderful weekend each month, The Block Party Talent Show took possession of the dead end street that ran along side my father's restaurant.   Most of the male groups imitated "The Temps." Dad made money hand over fist. Pat and I served customers between our stints as backup singers for various groups.  My Stepmoms and her church friends played Wisk, kept their eyes on the "fast" girls and generally made sure the "heathens" didn't get out of control.  It was planned, impromptu theatre.
As fortune would have it, I met and married a man who had an extensive "mint condition" album collection which included every album and 45 rpm ever released by "The Temps."   Half of which he sold to pay for our dates.  When Jim's Best Friend told me about the sale of the albums, I was able to buy them back... from said Best Friend, who, woefully short of cash, could smell my desperation and managed a nice profit.
At the reception, after I presented the gift of his  "Redeemed Beloved Temps," my husband and a bunch of other very drunken soldiers sang "My Girl" and performed the worst Temptations dance routine in the long, sad history of bad..really bad dance routines.  What A Man, What A Man, What A Mighty Good Man!

This was a fun challenge. Hubby and I had a blast reminiscing about our time in the military, our wedding, and all the albums he sold to keep me in chili dogs and Pepsi at "Sue and Herb's Drive In Diner" at Fort Hauchuca, Arizona.
 Somebody owes somebody a trip to Paris!
Answer (August 2, 2014 marked 45 years)

Thanks for stopping by.  Check out my teammates creations HERE

Sunday, September 28, 2014

MAKING ENDS MEET - WORLD HEART DAY- 613 Avenue Create Challenge

Good Morning, Crafty Peeples!
This week, I am breaking one of my cardinal rules: "Never write an Epistle on your blog." 
You don't have to read it,  please feel free to skip to the pictures.  

This week, in the Neighborhood, we are celebrating World Heart Day (September 29th).  This is your opportunity to create a project that promotes "Your Favorite Heart Thing."
When I first began in Judaism, I thought I would never figure it all out.  Perish the thought!  By the simple act of forgetting to turn on the hallway and bathroom lights before the Yom Tovim began Wednesday, I learned, over the ensuing Three Dark Nights, that I could grope, stumble and stub my toes with some of the best Jews in the world.  I've got this!

I love this time of year on the Jewish calendar.  Everything is so descriptive.  We are in what is called the "Days of Awe."  There are 10 Days of Awe that lead from Rosh HaShanah to Yom Kippur.  It is the best time to figure out what your Heart Thing might be.   One of my Heart Things is I LOVE PAPER and so, it is very appropriate that during these days of Awe, I am reminded that the *Sefer Torah will always be written onto parchment, with a quill pen dipped in ink.  Although we have electronic versions of our text, we cannot use electronics on Shabbos or during Yom Tovim.  You will never see an Orthodox Rabbi standing at the Bimah with an iPad. That's a iJid! (it Just isn't done!)

G-d commands that each King of Israel should write for himself a Torah.  That act of putting pen to paper requires concentration and connection.  The absence of a Delete/Backspace key tends to increase one's desire for accuracy.   The next time you have a chance to observe a child who is just learning to write, you should do so.  Watch the concentration, the determination, the humility, and the sheer exhilaration as each letter is successfully completed.   

The very first Torah Scroll I ever saw was over 100 years old and had been rescued from a village in Poland.  The entire village had been destroyed, it's inhabitants murdered or sent off to concentration camps.  The Torah had been hidden and, as was evident to the allied soldiers, several Jews had lost their lives rather than disclose it's hiding place.   Although the Torah was no longer "kosher" and could not be used for services, for us, it's mere existence was a moving testament. One of  our first acts as newly converted Jews was to purchase letters for a new Sefer Torah.  We were present when those precious letters were formed. We are connected to that Torah and to that Congregation forever. There is subtle power in the written word.  

Moses experienced great awe as he watched the Commandments being written by G-d's own hand. I imagine he experienced humility in equal measure when G-d made him hew the stone and prepare the second set of Commandments for himself after he [Moses] destroyed the first set in anger.

So, for my Heart Thing and this challenge, I created Bookends.  Bookends, because like Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, they hold between them, the Days of Awe, written by hand onto the parchment of our hearts, dipped in the ink of G-d's tender mercies and loving kindnesses... the map to help us journey from where we are to the destination we seek. 
L'Shanah Tovah,
Chana Malkah 
*A Sefer Torah (Hebrew: ספר תורה‎; plural: ספרי תורה Sifrei Torah ; "Book(s) of Torah" or "Torah scroll(s)") is a handwritten copy of the Torah, the holiest book within Judaism. It must meet extremely strict standards of production.

 This is a time of renewal, so I repurposed old Amazon boxes
reinforced by medium chipboard. 
 The bookends are designed to used together or separately!
 Back - Bookend #1 & #2
Front Bookend #2  
Functional with space for pretty! 

Thanks for stopping by!  

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