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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Grabbing Some Normal - Throwback Flashback

Hi, Crafty Peeps!  
I've decided that I am going to use October as a month to look back and share past projects.  Some that I still like and some that..oh, well!   The Hubster and I are both still recovering from recent accidents (I tripped over a rug and ended up with a torn rotator  cuff and The Hubster tried to catch a falling ladder and ended up with a broken arm.) We both injured our left arms, so we use our good right hands to get housework, cooking, etc., done.  We are much better but crafting is out for a while.  

These projects were first posted in 2013!
This is the cover of a mini album project.  The album was going to be called, "He Put A Ring On It!"  All of the embellishments on this cover were handmade.  The Stick Pin was made by my friend Teresa.  Her Pins are so beautiful, I use them only for very special projects.

Isn't this denim paper just fabulous!  I had to use it...perfect for Gus!


  1. These are wonderful Chana. Your colouring is superb. I can understand why you only use the stick pins on special projects as that one is indeed beautiful. Fabulous denim paper!

    So glad you are feeling a little better - take it easy on yourself and have a restful week. Nicola x

  2. Great cards, Chana! Love your coloring, and the stick pins are so much fun! Don't over-do! Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better, but you still need to get lots of rest :) Hugs... p.s. I have a bit of 'candy' at my blog :)

  3. Wonderful cards Chana, love that pin - truly special!



  4. Great cards, Chana! Love them both! Gorgeous embellies on the first one and that denim paper is awesome! Glad you are up, but be sure to take it slow so it doesn't slam you again. Keep getting better!

  5. Your cards are cool, Chana. The stick pin and denim paper are fab as is your coloring on both cards. I'm happy you're feeling better. Just be sure not to do too much too soon.

  6. That is a lovely pin & I don't blame you for only using them on special occasions. I am glad to see you posting & your cover & card are fabulous as always. I watched your video. I am eager to try to make my own flowers when I get home. Please try to take care of yourself Darling! We had that nasty flu & it took so long to get any energy back after we had had it!

  7. Magnificent cards, Chana! I'm just crawling out from under that flu myself and am not back to "normal" yet. Tried going to the office this morning, and came home after only 1/2 an hour. Tried doing too much too soon. But a look at your cards has cheered me up. :-D

  8. Chana, I hope you are well on the road to recovery! Being sick is just the pits.
    Love your album cover! Such a great design; love that image and all the textures & embellies you used! :^)
    And, of course, Gus is a hoot! Love him! And you used such great paper for him--love that denim! :^)
    Hugs, Penny

  9. Looks like this is going to be another fabulous album - such a great cover :) Hope you start to feel much, much better very soon!

  10. Thanks, everyone! It is nice to be back in my studio for a couple of hours a day. It makes me feel better.

    You guys are the best!


  11. Love these...the flowers are awesome, and on the 2nd card..I am totally into the blue jean background!!


  12. Miss Chana, I am so sorry you got hit with the flu. So far (I am knocking on wood here)I have been fortunate. Never got the shot, not sure I believe in them. Glad you are beginning to feel better though.
    Love your album cover dear. Just gorgeous and you are right to use those pins on special projects. This surely looks like one in the making!

  13. Hope you are feeling much better now. The projects you showcased today look great Chana. Love that stick pin, it is gorgeous and also liking that denim paper too!


  14. Beautiful cover Chana and Gus does look good in denim.

  15. I am so happy that you are blogging again, if only for short bits. So glad that you and the hubs are on the mend, but please don't over do it! That mini album is adorable! Love the image and those flowers. I can see why you hoard the hand made pins - gorgeous! Your Gus card is too cute! That denim paper works perfectly!

  16. Love them - great job as always!!!

  17. Both fabulous cards, hugs, Lori m


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