Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Shopping Our Stash # 206 - Out On A Limb

Hello, Crafty Folks!

This week at Shopping Our Stash, the challenge theme is "OUT ON A LIMB" which means you can use trees, foliage, etc.

It has been a very long time since I colored anything!  I have always loved Rick St. Dennis' Outhouse images and chose one of those as my first copic project in over a year.  My skills were always weak and I don't anticipate them getting any better, but it was fun to pick up a copic and once again work with one of Rick's "old" images.


  1. WOW!!!! This is stunning!!! Love all the pretty details, very artistic!

  2. You always amaze me with the detail of your work. I just don't have that much patience! :)

  3. what a beautifully intricate card! soooooo many cool colors and layers and details, i could just look and look! wow! :)

  4. Your coloring skillz are amazing! I can't believe you think this incredible coloring job on that outhouse is 'weak'!! What a gorgeous project!!

  5. Oooooo.... this is one eclectic scene of awesomeness. Your textures and colors never cease to amaze me!!

  6. Wow, Chana! I love the colors in that out house... never thought of putting yellow in the mix like that - but it is fabulous! I really need to think outside the box more with my palettes! A wonderful contribution as always!

  7. Your coloring skills are weak? LOL! What are you talking about? This is fantastic. No one could have coloured it better. I just love this scrumptious mixed media piece. Even though I planned to get right to work this morning, I had to pop over and comment on this when I saw it in my inbox.

  8. Hmmmm had a comment going and it disappeared...odd
    What I was saying was this is absolutely gorgeous and your colouring is fantastic!!!


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