Wednesday, December 9, 2020

2020 Stash Party #58 - A Split Panel Sympathy Card

 Hello, Crafty Peeps!

We lost a friend!  
We lost a friend to COVID-19.  Yesterday we learned that the fiancé of a friend has passed away.  They were to get married next year!  Every week his fiancée would bring my husband up to speed on the plans for her impending nuptials.  My husband and the groom-to-be would crack jokes about "brides on the edge" and the "posh pitfalls of married life!"   Our shopping trips to Aldi's, where they both worked, will never be the same.
They said they wanted to be married as long as we have been married (52 years.) They wanted to be as much in love as we are (on our good days!)  Now, he is gone!  We don't know what to say to her.  
We can't fathom that kind of loss.  It was only last year, at the urging of our daughter, that we sat down and had our wills drawn up.  The very thought of not being on this earth together is anathema to our souls.  What can we say to someone who has had their dreams ended so brutally and so abruptly?   I don't think I know how to comfort someone who is facing my greatest fear, being without the man you love!  The man who makes your heart sing!  I saw their love,  now I just see her pain, and it is so unfair!
I will repeat what I wrote in an earlier post:
I wish the creation of this card had not been necessary!  I pray that more people become serious about COVID!  It is sad when people who are taking every precaution to protect themselves and their families become the victims of those who believe they have a constitutional right to kill others through their indifference, hatred, and ignorance.

Sleep on, dear friend, and take your rest.
They'll miss you most, who loved you best.
In silence you suffered, with patience, you bore,
Until G-d took you home to suffer no more.

Chana Malkah


  1. What a terrible tragedy. Your card is as beautiful as it could possibly be, but I understand your frustration at not knowing what to say.

  2. I'm sorry for the lost of your friend and as you I hope those people who are so selfish change their mind, for their safe and the safe of the rest of us. María, xx

  3. OH! how awful, a life together spoiled by a dreadful virus. I feel so terribly sad for them. Yes! a tragedy. Your card is so very beautiful, she will love it and the thoughts behind it.
    Faith x

  4. I'm so sorry for this young woman. Your card is beautiful, and says what she needs to know, that you're wishing her comfort, strength, and peace. I too, have been married a long time (47+ years) and I cannot imagine life without my other half. I agree with your words of sadness at the end. And it's such a hard 'war' to win, when it's coming down from the highest seat in our country. Thanks for sharing!


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