Wednesday, December 30, 2020

2020 Stash Party # 59 - WOYWW #604 - Planning for What Comes Next - My 2021 DIY Planner


Welcome to another WOYWW!
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Quote for today: 
"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor! 
~Franklin Roosevelt

I was so involved in creating my SIL's planner that I almost forgot to get my own 2021 planner setup. As an expression of gratitude, my sister-in-law gave me a belated Hannukah present, a new HP Envy Pro 6455 All in One Printer!


I wish I had taken a better picture of this cover.  In real life, the foiled swiss dots just sparkle and shine.  

Stash Reduction

Everything I used to create this planner came from my stash, with the exception of the Discagenda™ Cover, which was a gift from Amazon®!  In 2021, I will resume my "craft diet" and hopefully I will be able to make it through the entire year without making craft purchases. 
My DIY Planner Clips

I was able to print my favorite "Naturally Unbothered" image.  The print quality is quite good.  

The small image on the page was printed on my Epson when my printheads were dying.  Even though the image lacks color, I thought it worked well on the page.
As I go through the year, I plan to use all of the sticker sheets in my stash.  Since I generally stick to the same color families, I should be able to de-stash with ease.  I am hoping that once I learn all the ins and outs of my new "smart" printer, I can once again create and print my own sticker sheets
Thanks So Much For Stopping By!
Chana Malkah

Stuff I Used:
Simply Gilded Subscription Box: "Clarity" Washi
Simply Gilded Subscription Box:  "Floral Bow"
Design Lovely Studio: Digital Freebies Weekly Kits-Spring Tea Time
My Mind's Eye - Double-sided Journal Cards (retired)
Prima A4 Paper Pad - "Finnabair" (retired)


  1. Happy WOYWDW
    I hope you manage to use up all the stash that you want to and get through the year without buying anything, I think its something I should try.

    Take care and stay safe,

    Lilian B #3

  2. All the best for 2021 and good luck with your stash diet! Ani #8

  3. What a fabulous useful gift, I have printer envy as I gave up on my printer many moons ago. A wonderful idea to give a handmade panner as a gift but very important to make one for yourself, they keep us focused all year round. How lovely it will be to keep track on life each day. Sending blessings your way for a safe & happier 2021.
    Happy WoywW take care Tracey #7 x

  4. Such a beautiful planner Chana. The printer looks very useful too. Stay safe, happy WOYWW and Happy New Year. Sarah #9

  5. You’d never know the image was meant to be brighter, it is as you say, just right for the page! You must be pretty much plannered out by now, but what a great job you made of them. And what a splendid present from your SiL, I’m sure you’ll get years of good work from that! Good luck with the stash diet, it has made me more inventive, I must say!

  6. What a fabulous planner and what a fabulous gift from your sister in law.
    Here's to a better year ahead than the one we have just had. Keep blogging and stay safe, happy and well.
    Hugs, Neet 13 xx

  7. Lovely planner! And outstanding you managed to make it from stash. It feels like the 2021 goal for lots of people is to use up what they have - and to do it in new ways, if possible. I am very much there with you.

    Keeping all the things crossed for the election in GA! I cannot wait to finally feel GOOD AS HELL, and wave goodbye to both The Donald and Mitch. We can but hope from a distance, knowing you are there on the ground and doing the work locally. Happy New Year!!

    Mary Anne (6)

  8. Happy WOYWW and a happy and healthy 2021. Love your paper clips. Have fun with your new printer, what a lovely gift. Angela #14

  9. Oh my, you really have been busy with your journals! I remember when I had rips in my jeans, and Gap sweat shirt that had seen better days, they were my second favourite things of all time to wear! Wish I had a picture! Of course it wasn't fasionable back then and people would remark on it. At least mine weren't bought with holes in! I like to think I started the craze! Happy New Year! Happy WOYWW!? Happy crafting!and stay safe ((Lyn)) #19

  10. Wow, that was a great present, you’ll get lots of use out of that printer! Love the fun planner pages, they’re very cute!
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

  11. Nice planner and what a generous gift from your SIL. I need to make myself a new journal and this is a good reminder to me. All the best to you for 2021.

  12. HNY Chana, I love your planner ideas. Aren’t you the lucky one with such a fab gift from SIL!! I envy your will power for a ‘craft diet’. I’ve never heard of that expression before, it made me laugh. 🥰😂🤗 Take care with love and hugs from a very cold GB, Sue. #22 xx

  13. That's a very generous present (useful too!) and your planner looks great! Have a lovely 2021, Chana! Best wishes, zsuzsa #24

  14. Good Morning Chana, I so enjoyed all your photos. Great ideas for a fun planner. The 'craft die" is what I need, but I also need the uplifting of getting mail. I live rural so there is not much shopping. But I love thrift stores. Kids just don't mail things anymore. I've even sent stamps for them and ask for paper art and it hasn't
    happened. Enjoy a great welcoming in of our NEW YEAR.

  15. WOW, LOVE your gift your SIL!!! How wonderful!!! I don't have a home....but it would be just one more thing I would have to find space for, so.....LOL I hope your SIL liked her planner and now it's time for YOU!!! Happy planning! I love your concept of not buying anything in 2021! We ALL should give that concept a go!! I will do my best! LOL I'm sure we all have enough product and crafts to start our own Non Profit Organization! LOL Arty sickness is the worst! LOL Good luck with learning your new printer and Happy New Year to you! Blessings, Felicia #31

  16. Awesome day planner, I might have to add creating one in my New Year plans. Such a great and useful gift, your print quality is very good viewing on my end.
    Hugs, Lori m

  17. Forgot...Happy New Year, hugs, Lori m

  18. I admire your resolve not to purchase! Since I teach and sell products I have to purchase stuff to show and get sales. Cool planner!
    Happy New Year!
    Carol N #27

  19. HI Chana! (I love practicing saying your name!) Is your planner like a Bullet Journal? It's lovely! I'm just starting my first Bullet Journal planner this year, I better get working on it! What a wonderful and thoughtful present you got! Happy New Year! Lindart #34

  20. Another marvellous planner, with great images and details Chana. How wonderful to have a new printer from your SiL. Love the idea of a craft diet. I MUST try and keep to that in 2020 LOL.
    Faith x

  21. Hi Chana, lovely planner, and what a great gift from your sister in law! Have a lovely week, Heather xx #30

  22. Hi Chana, love your planner and can only congratulate you on your stash busting. I'll be doing my best to use up as many stickers and embellishments as possible - I have far too many. Good luck with your intentions. Happy New Year. Elizabeth x #32

  23. I love the planner and the different pages so far. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. Praying for a happy and blessed New Year for you and yours. With love & God Bless. Caro x (#16)

  24. Your planner looks like a really fun project, Chana. I love all your clips!

    Happy New Year and happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #25

  25. Lets hope that 2021 has happier thoughts to go in the new planner. The printer looks great. Have lovely woyww, Angela x17x

  26. A great idea to destash! Will watch with interest as your planner evolves...
    Happy WOYWW and Happy New Year! Susan #15
    Calling All Crafters! – My personal Blog!

  27. HI Chana, wow! your planner looks FABulous! So inspiring, I love it. Happy New Year to you and yours, here's to the light at the end of a long tunnel and a better 2021 :) Annie C #28

  28. Love your planners and the printer was a super gift. The "craft diet" sounds great, something which comes naturally to me these days, wish I could be the same when it comes to food! Hmmm Happy New Year BJ#10

  29. Oh what an interesting and attractive journal! And a new printer, how wonderful! Happy New Tear, Chana! XOX

  30. Beautiful job on your planner! What a challenge to utilize only your stash and not make any purchases (I need to consider this for myself). Which laminator do you like to use overall, Minc or Scotch brand (I am in the market for one)?

  31. Happy new year Chana! I love your FDR quote, I used to work for someone who went for sailing lessons in Force 10 gales in the Bay of Biscay! He’d love that quote too.
    Bravo for using up your stash, very disciplined
    Stay safe
    Hugs Lynnecrafts 20

  32. Hi Chana, hope your computer problems are sorted. The planner looks like fun, it's gorgeous. I though I'd left you a comment but can't see it so I'm here to wish you a Happy New Year. Hugs, Angela x17x

  33. Hi Chana, thank you for your visit. I thought I'd left a comment on here the other day but it doesn't seem to be here so I hope it hasn't disappeared! Anyway, fun planner! I love the Roosevelt quote too. How true. Thank you for your kind comments - so glad you liked my dress! A spoonful of PB is a much better snack than the stuff people usually go for. I quite like it, but really love almond butter. My new blender arrived today (more in this coming week's blog post) and I'm keen to try making my own. No worries about the recipe - no rush! Sorry you've had computer problems.

    Happy New Year and happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #25

  34. Hi Chana, Ooh that is a very ( I could not do it) goal to not shop at all, I have my fingers crossed for you :) I think that is so interesting seeing planners be all decked out and personalized. ~Stacy #41


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