Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Birthday -- So Glad I'm Still Here!

This is not a craft post...well I guess it kinda, sorta is.....
Yesterday was a fabulous day for me.  Our family is always low key about birthdays, holidays, anniversaries.  We are NOT known for wrapping anything and one is more likely to get CASH as a gift.  Face it, Cash is Crucial.   

But this birthday was special, because just a few months ago, we were not sure that I would even be here to celebrate this hallmark year.  I was so depressed....not about the thought of dying....everyone has to die at some point and many years ago G-d removed from me the fear of death.  I was depressed because people in my family are extremely long lived.  My sister will be 94 on December 24th.  I could not believe that I would die before I reached 65... REALLY?  My father was 96 when he died, my grandmother 110, my aunt Hatti 120, in my family at 64 your are still a teenager.

Anyway, once everyone figured out that the fabulously brilliant Dr. Greene, working in close association with HaShem, was going to keep me here, choosing birthday gifts for me was for crafting supplies or crafting supplies.

The gifts and CASH continue to roll in.  When I was ill, family and friends did not call and ask my husband if I were feeling better, instead, they would ask, "Did she craft today?"  From April until August,  I could not craft.  Now that I am at it again, they are making sure that I never run out of supplies.   THANKS FAMILY, YOU GUYS ARE THE VERY BEST!!!!!
From my Son: Storage Bins
Michaels had these on sale and I came across them while on the phone with Tim.  So I asked him if he would get them and he said "Sure, Mom!"  This is four units.  
Hubby, Daughter, and Grandson: 
Prima Life Time
 Authentique Hope Kit
Prima Finnabair
Mambi Kits
Junk, Findings, and Stencils

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Chana.

    I cannot express how happy I am for you. Keep up the positive thoughts and crafting.

    You definitely have a wonderful family checking in on you and ensuring that you are crafting and doing better.

    If you ever feel low again and need to vent it all out, drop me a line and do so. Will always have an open ear for you.

    Big Belated Birthday hugs!

  2. Chana, so pleased you had a great day. May you have lots of fun enjoying your lovely gifts. Hugs, Ursula

  3. Happy Birthday Chana. Very nice Birthday Haul

  4. Chana first congratulations and thank you your still here.
    and what gorgeous presents you have
    lots to play with and I hope for many many years.
    Gr Karin

  5. Whoa! You go girl! I love those bins! I am so glad you were able to celebrate another birthday! I'm blessed that you've come into my life and I wouldn't want to lose you!

    Love & Hugs,

  6. LOL! That makes me grin to see your joy! Live long and prosper sweet lady!

  7. I am so glad you are feeling so happy and excited again about craftiing. You will bypass your Aunt Hatti in age - I just know this. You have so much love to spread!!!

  8. Happy belated birthday Chana. So glad you enjoyed your special day xxx

  9. Happy Birthday, Girlfriend! I wish I had known in advance...I would have done a little something special for you. But as I was reading this joyous post, the words of King David went through my mind, "With long life will I satisfy him/her and show him my salvation." I believe you will be around for a good, long time, making the world more beautiful, one project at a time. Hugs and Love!


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