Friday, May 1, 2020

Stash Party #15 - Day 2 - Use One Stamp Five Ways- A Five Day Challenge

Hello, Crafty Peeps!
This is day two of the progressive five-day challenge between me and my crafting buddy.  Each day we must make changes that elevate the design.  We are confined to using stash items only. 
Card #2
Have Faith In What Will Be
My progression for today's card was to add a textured colored card layer.  I also added sequins, changed the washi tape (both are black but have different designs) and I used a different flower and I changed the location of the flower.  I really love the simplicity of this card.  The design allows the sentiment to shine.

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  1. Pretty card and awesome message.

    1. Thanks! I agree that the sentiment is perfect for the times we are experiencing right now!

  2. Beautiful card and sentiment, especially during these trying times, hugs, Lori m

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  4. I love the changes you've made and you've added a bit more of colour with the sequins and the blue cardboard. María, xx.

    1. Thanks, Maria! I was surprised at how that subtle change elevated the design!

  5. Cette carte est de toute beauté et tellement spirituelle.
    Un superbe ensemble de couleurs.
    Prenez soin de Vous.


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