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"The Mysterious Affair of Cody's Shower Curtain Inspired Accountant's Survival Kit!"- Shopping Our Stash

Good Morning, Crafty Peeples!
This week Shopping Our Stash, challenges you to take a picture of your SHOWER CURTAIN and create a project inspired by that curtain.  If your showers are glass enclosed (as most of mine are) Please use this shower curtain as your inspiration.  Include a picture of your shower curtain.
When asked what I thought of the theme, I said I was not thrilled. 
Mine was the minority opinion, my teammates were giddy.  I didn't say I hated it, 
didn't say it wasn't a good challenge, didn't say I wouldn't create, all I said was... not thrilled. 
But, as my girl in Frozen said: "The Cold Never Bothered Me,  Anyway!"
So here is my plain beige shower curtain in the cream and pink environment in which it lives.
See it hanging there all happy and stuff, just like Moses, minding it's own business.  The Burning Bush was somebody else's idea.

 A Short, Short Creating Story 
                                                                                                   by Chana Malkah Harris
 "The Mysterious Affair of Cody's Shower Curtain Inspired Accountant's Survival Kit!"
Chapter One
The shower curtain itself was not the problem.  Chana knew this, but still, she had a limited amount of time to complete the ASK's for her daughter's staff.  True, she had completed the desk set for the Company's President, but the actual ASK was still in DD (Design Development.)  The Rosh Hashanah gift for the Chairman of the Board was still in Concept, and now she had to do something with a shower curtain...a very drab shower curtain.  Chana was not thrilled.  Until her eyes fell on the lone remaining mock up of her designer tool box.  Now, she could be giddy! Now, she could be thrilled.  Now, she could become invigorated.   She would gather all the components, they would sit on her composition board for a day or two.  She would stare at them, but work on other things..it would take days, but it would come, because that's how she designs. 
Chapter Two - Killing A Lot of Birds With One Stone
Bird #1 - Cody's Accountants Survival Kit
Bird #2 - Shopping Our Stash Challenge DT Make
Chana decided to approach this as a Concept design.  In Concept design, one can't actually transform the object, so elements of the object are reproduced in the paper, but elevated/transformed.  The original elements must remain identifiable (For Chana: Color, Shape, Texture and Rings.)  Concept design does not require the final product to LOOK like the original.  No Challenge There.
  But, let's face it, this is an arts and crafts challenge....not a real concept design challenge.  So either presentation works.  It depends on the Ability, Skills, Knowledge, taste and most importantly, the Desire and Fun of the designer.  Chana knew this and so she pressed on.
Chapter Three - The Final Chapter
Concept Design and How it Works in Chana's World
Survival Kit Components: Desk Pads,  BS Repellant, Round Tuits, Atta Boys/Girls, Note Pads.  
  It was important that the Design remain Vertical to match the Orientation of the shower curtain.
The Wallpaper used on the Tool Box is Satin. The Plastic Round Tuits represent the Shower Rings.
The Desk Pad /Note Pad - The basic color of the Shower Curtain is retained, but elevated.  
The Blotter Pad is covered with clear Shelf Liner to mimic the Satin texture and Water Repellant treatment on the Shower Curtain.
The BS Repellant Spray Bottle and Hitch Post Note Pad Base: 
Chana Chose plaid to contrast the vertical striped pattern used on Toolbox.  
This is called design elevation and color profile development.
Contrast is always good and adds interest. 
Always handy to counter the unnecessary BS you get from people over stuff, sometimes..
I think Cody will be pleased.  (Giddy and Thrilled are not in his Wheel House) Well, cuz, he's a man!

Just for fun, here is one of the Accountant's Survival Kits for the Female Staff.  
See, Mom, No Shower Curtains!!!
Murphy's Law in Mathematical Form
1+1 = = 2 where = = 2 is
the mathematical symbol for
"Rarely Ever"

Visit the SOS Team for more Shower Curtain Inspiration.

Can't wait to see your spin on our Shower Curtain Challenge.   
Visit my teammate's blog for additional inspiration!
Thanks for stopping by!

Chana Malkah

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  1. oh my gosh, you are just waaaaaaaaaaaaay too clever missus!!! awesome!!! :) :) :)

  2. BWAHAHAHAHA! I love a good short story! I'm sorry to have caused you "not thrilled" moments, but your final project is amazing.

    I, too, sometimes let things sit and stew for a few days before the light bulb goes off and I get a clue.

  3. I laughed out loud. Several times. You, my dear, are hilariously creative! The final products are very handsome indeed. Nicely done!

  4. What a great plan you had your desk set is awesome.

  5. Hee Hee Hee your post was SO much fun to read! I love what you have come up with based on your shower curtain! Very clever :)

  6. Very cool project, and great fun to read!


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