Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Shopping Our Stash - Create A Shaped Card

Hello Crafty Peeple!

Welcome to another challenge week at Shopping Our Stash!

Challenge:  Create A Shaped Project

Shaped cards used to be a real pain, however, with the innovative advances in thin metal die design and production, creating shaped cards is breezy easy.  As much as I love my Big Shots and other cutting machines, sometimes I like to do things the old fashion way.  I like to just use my hands.  I guess that is why I am so fascinated with Mixed Media these days.

Napkin Fold Card
I am not sure that my project really qualifies as a "Shaped Card, "  it may be more of a fancy fold.  It is, however folded into a shape, so I imagine I can skate on through!

The Hubster had a good time taking pictures.  He wanted to see how many ways he could fold the card.  He was very creative and came up with some fun shots.  Sharing for the fun of it!

 The Oriental Fan is from SCACD "Nature's Tapestry Fan

 These two remind me of a Kimono

The Design Paper is from Teresa Collins' Fabrication

My teammates have fashioned some pretty cool shaped projects!  Stop by Shopping Our Stash and have a look see.  Hope you find great inspiration and share the results in our challenge!


  1. It definitely qualifies as a shaped card- look at all the shapes your dear hubby came up with! And what a fantastic card! Love it!

  2. Absolutely cool Chana! What a great fold - and I love the belly band with the fan! Tell the Hubster his photos ROCK! I love the little shadows the card makes in all the different positions he shoots of your card. Nice photography!

  3. This is so cool! I really love it :) the band with the fan is the icing on the cake!

  4. This is Beautiful Chana, oh my goodness so many folds and I sure think it qualifies as a shaped card.

  5. totally think that fancy fold counts as a shaped card, and as you say, this one folds into a number of shapes... (ta v much to the photo hubster who has outdone himself right here!!!) :) ...so that totally makes it fit! very cool, very fancy, very beautiful missus!

  6. Ohhhhhhhhh awesome Chana, so very pretty! Love the hubster's picture experiments too!

  7. This is soooo pretty and unique :)

  8. What a fun card--it is so interactive. Gorgeous too!


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