Sunday, May 20, 2018

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Hello, Fellow Paper Crafters!
Tell Your Story Journal Set
One school year of homeschooling and I have gained so much more respect for those amazing teachers who year after year strive to educate our youth.  Today I am sharing the appreciation gift created for my grandson's ELA instructor.  She is simply awesome!
Alert! Alert!  Photo Overload!  
Save those strips at the top of the single 12"x12" papers.  I used those to make the banners on my flower.  The "Daily Junque" is a different collection, but the banner worked for this journal. 
Because Ms. R. Teaches English Language Arts (in my grandson's case, 9th-grade Composition and Literature) I thought a journal would be a perfect gift for her.  I have been holding on to this Theresa Collins "Tell Your Story" Kit for almost three years and finally decided to cut into it.  I was impressed with her ability to get our seventh-grader to do ninth grade ELA work.  His writing is impressive and he has been introduced to Literature that I first encountered as a college freshman.
Sorry about the lousy photo
The "Button Hole Stitch" bookbinding method is fun and easy for beginners (like me) to learn.  Sea Lemon has a great tutorial.

I decorated the signature dividers with ephemera from paper collections related to writing, typesetting, etc.  Although I did not create pockets on these dividers, I have done so on others.   

I did, however, include pockets inside the covers.  I added thank you cards, library cards, and a few envelopes.  I also found the perfect Washi Tape in my stash!

Lately, I want to deliver all my crafting gifts in hinged boxes.  
This one was super fun to create!
I created a note holder by lining the lid with business card magnets.

Thanks for stopping by!
Chana Malkah


  1. What a stunning project. I love the box too. It was clever to make the lid into a magnetic memo holder. Your grandson's teacher must have been thrilled. She sounds pretty amazing too. I believe most children are not challenged enough these days, so it is impressive that she pushed her student to reach his own potential.

  2. Wow Chana! These journals you are now creating are fabulous! It is so good to see your continued adventures in the paper arts! Keep on, keepin' on!

  3. Chana this is a stunning and useful gift. As a former teacher I know how this gift will be treasured and deeply appreciated. xx


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