Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Shopping Our Stash Weekly Challenge - Feed Me! Use Food In Your Design

Hello, Crafty Folks!
This week we are giving you the perfect opportunity to pay creative homage to your favorite food!
My Farmhouse Recipe Album
A little over two years ago, I created this recipe album for my friend, Amy.  The construction was bad and I replaced it. I deconstructed this album with the intention of reconstructing it and giving it to my niece.  But it languished in my unfinished projects box until I saw the "Feed Me" Challenge and knew this was the perfect opportunity to put the mini back together and fix the problems.
My Favorite Cake Recipe
The Reconstruction
I am a huge Mod Podge fan, but it did not work for this project.  The first time I constructed this project, I used Scor-Tape® and Modpodge to secure the cover to the base.  It began to peel away.  To repair the book, I used a combination of Scor-tape®, Art Glitter Adhesive™, Tombow® Metal Liquid Glue, and Tombow® Mono Liquid Glue.  I have learned the hard way that different glues give better results based on the materials. 

Glue Guide

During the reconstruction process, I realized that glue had seeped out from beneath the tabs, what a mess.  I was not sure I would be able to salvage the pages but two of my most favorite tools saved the day.  If you do not have glue erasers in your stash...get one or two, they are well worth the price!  As you can see, these got quite the workout on this reconstruction project.   I generally wipe down my cylindrical eraser with a baby wipe and I use an emery board to clean away the glue on the other one. If I were to repeat this project, I would use the WRMK® Tab Punch Board.
A New Beginning

Selfish me, I have decided to keep this Recipe Album for myself.  The Hubster is renovating the kitchen and one of our goals is to de-clutter.  I am in the process of going through my old cookbooks and selecting my favorite recipes.  We are then going to ship the cookbooks off to the Goodwill Store.  I still prefer recipe cards over videos.  With the cards, I can take my time and not worry about a device that is going to time out on me or having to rewind the video.  Okay, mostly, I am just a paper person!   Here are some looks at the completed, all new recipe album.

This is the front set of recipe pages.  The recipe pages are all magnetized as is the back of the binder.  This makes it easy to flip down pages.  The center spine is also magnetized.

This is the back set of recipe pages.  Because the magnets hold the pages together, it is easy to flip from front to back.  

A magnetic sheet beneath the design paper provides a place for paperclips 
and Magnets.  There is also a clip for recipe cards and a pen rest.

This is the ideal "stash reduction" project.  I used up a lot of loose 6"x6" paper pads and was able to get rid of quite a few 12"x12" kitchen themed papers.   If you decide to make a recipe album, I would recommend selecting one that uses ribbon to tie down the cards.  This project requires the use of eight magnets per page and that can get very expensive.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope to see your work in the 
SOS "Feed Me" Challenge
Chana Malkah


  1. Oh my gosh!! Chana, this is simply amazing!!! I'm a huge fan of baking, especially during the Autumn and Winter seasons and I absolutely love the way you put together this precious album with all the fabulous details and pockets to collect recipes for all kinds of food.
    I also have a good collection of recipe books and I love your idea of selecting only the recipes that are your favorite and I have a few that are from my sweet and amazing maternal grandma and my mom too.
    Thank you for the photos that show the process of putting together this beautiful recipe album.

  2. Wow Chana, when you redo something, you REDO it!! What a fabulous recipe book!

  3. I am so awestruck by this project. The magnetized pages had me nodding in an amazed way! Duh! SUCH an incredible work of he{art}. Recipes are so personal, and so valuable. I'm glancing up at my cookbooks, magazines, and cards now, and adding my card box to the mental things I need to grab if I ever need to flee my house! Thanks for this inspiring post.

  4. Awesome project, great recipe card, love seeing the process. I too have books taking up space in my hutch the only ones I'm using right now are the breadmaker books. I must have a look at that glue page. thanks for sharing your remake picture tutorial.


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